10 Best Tailgate Grills of 2016 (and 2017)- Most Under $400


7) Green Mountain Davy Crocket Pellet Smoker

It’s argued that the Green Mountain’s Davy Crocket is currently the market’s best example of pellet portable smokers. There’s still surprisingly a Lo-Med-Hi antiquated controller in the majority of 2015 and recent portables, while Davy Crocket sneaks in Green Mountain’s touch pad advanced digital controller with a meat thermometer integrated. This reads out the meat’s internal temp. Also, adapters are included for your cigarette lighter or car battery to run your electronics from.

[quote_left]For the struggling backyard chef trying to create smoked traditional BBQ delicacies like brisket, pulled pork, and ribs, the Davy Crocket Smokers are the best tools they’ve worked with.[/quote_left]

Apparent in its price cut, the recent aggressive promotion of Davy Crocket’s WiFi potential allows your Laptop or Smart Phone to monitor the Pellet Smoker.

Fast and hot grilling are their weaker points, however. The green buttons on the digital display you see in the above photo are similar to your kitchen oven’s setup where the temperature is set.

8) Napoleon TQ285X-BL

$399 (best price I’ve seen was at this site). Portable Gas Grill (Cart Included).

Napoleon TQ285X-BL

This Napoleon is a serious Shaquille O’Neal-sized slam dunk! TravelQ 285X is a portable large gasser with plentiful space to grill on, and the electronic independent ignition featured on the two burners allow cooking in 2 zones on a direct hot side and indirect (cooler) side.

Shut the lid with a snap and it firmly keeps the internal parts from banging around while you’re moving along rough surfaces pulling the cart.

This cart is the best I’ve come across by far in this collapsible, popular design. Solid like a rock whether transporting flattened or upright, this well-made, clever device is effortlessly adaptable to any one of these positions in a mere fraction of a minute.

9) Meadow Creek BBQ26

$435 Charcoal Grill

Meadow Creek is all too familiar in the world of competitive BBQ where you see the gold taken home by teams that are using those offset, big smokers.

Amish craftsmen have made the Meadow Creek Charcoal Grill for decades in Pennsylvania. These heavy metal, built to last cookers are known for a performance of superiority. With a double grate that’s 24” x 16”, this 60lb model is the smallest grill in Meadow Creek’s collection.

[quote_right]Of course sausage, burgers, chops, and steaks perfectly complement the BBQ26 whether you have a bunch clamped down or using tongs on top for a few to be flipped.[/quote_right]

While the BBQ26 beautifully does hot and fast cooking, it doesn’t come with a lid.  One side of the grill locates the double grate by hinging two grates together.

Before you shut it clamped, you’ll first need the top grate lifted and the bottom loaded.  With this, all the contents can be flipped at the same time.  15 chickens is Meadow Creek’s claim for how much it can hold.

Gatherings using one of these works out great when more folks are there, and your back is saved the ache when tending to it from bending over or hauling it around.

10) Broil King Keg 5000

The most budget stretching grill on this list.  Check here on Amazon for a couple deals.

Broil King Keg

The growing popularity of Kamado style, backyard cookers continues, but much of that momentum isn’t there in the tailgating scene.

The Broil King Keg included, all kamados are great at searing, baking, roasting, and smoking thin meats and cold is not a factor due to the thick walls, but their heavy, ceramic made characteristics are more prone to getting cracked if knocked over or dropped.  This can’t be said with the BKK.

A lightweight, modern fiberglass constructs the Keg with powder coated steel encasing it: heavy enough to stop you from picking it up and transporting but light enough to take off from the base and saddle onto the trailer hitch (optional feature).

And it won’t go out like Humpty Dumpty and crack if you do drop it.

Extra is charged by companies other than Broil King for almost anything you could think of (minus the logo).  Broil King nicely grouped a package together featuring big wheels on a sturdy stand and side tables you can remove; a tool with multiple functions for ash removal and managing the grate, and an extender (secondary) rack with the primary gate positioned below to provide more surface to cook on.

Tool hooks that might come in handy are retrieved on the side tables and the handle even has a couple built-in bottle openers.


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