3 Super Cool BBQ Gadgets for your Day-Off Grill-Out


Professionals looking to take a break from work, get your grills fired up. Labor Day was a perfect chance to do so, but that’s not the only calendar day to party it up with a grill. Time to take your mind off the office space, kick it back, and share some of that backyard grub with family and friends.

1. Grillbot

Not cooking with a clean grill is usually, uhhum, unappetizing. The few gross black bits on the seared T-bone you gave your guest shouldn’t be charred, crunchy gunk from the grate of your grill you can’t identify, but a savory spice like crushed peppercorn.

Get your act cleaned up without the elbow grease throughout your cookout with the Grillbot grill electronic scourer. (Do I sound like an advertisement so far??) It’s a bot with three motors that munches up grime with the duty to independently act on the grease of your grill’s grates- either gas or charcoal, no different- and watch it go to town. With a timer and LCD alarm built in, you can forget about it (quite literally) after setting it up.

The battery rechargeable Grillbots come in blue, red, orange, and black models. For grill grates that are coated, go with the option of a brass brush. If your grates are sporting stainless steel, choose the stainless steel styled brushes.

Priced near $130. Click here for the price at Amazon.com.

2. iGrill2

When you expect to grill up a steak that’s no less than perfect, it’s critical to time it right. My take on the iGrill2: it’s a utility that succeeds at lessening the pressure and guesswork associated with the time-draining and frustrating hassle of grill-outs. So, say adios to under- or over-cooked meat, and not being able to spend more time in the party because you were preoccupied babysitting your Weber.

The iGrill2’s graph-loaded, live temp app wirelessly works with 700F Bluetooth thermometers (it comes with two) that are left in your steaks as it’s sizzling. Keep track of your flamed-up grub with your Android or iPhone as far away as 150 feet. Yes, it does take care of your burgers from burning into hockey puck shapes, thanks to its pre-set temperature alarms.

Going the whole nine yards and grilling more than one fish and/or meat at once? Cool. The iGrill2 has your back with room for four (at most) temp probes manufactured for long smoke sessions and short sears.

Priced near $100.  See Amazon.com’s price.

3. Bison Airlighter

Ever have the fantasy of using a flamethrower to light up a charcoal grill? I’m all ears. Speak the truth. Awesome by the sounds of it? Just a little…

The Bison Airlighter makes your dreams of pyro grilling a real life truth, opening the door to blasting underperforming coals with 2,600 degrees Fahrenheit of pure firepower almost automatically. Lousy BIC lighters, matches, and lighter fluid can take a hike. The thunder-packed commercial-grade Bison (thumbs up to not being graded “military”), flamethrower shoots out a buzzing, long-reaching, powerful blue flame that almost instantly starts up charcoal “instant-light” briquettes.

Whether you’re a beachside or backyard host of a cookout or just tailgating, you’ll be the party’s hero. An added bonus: This gnarly, USB-powered gadget is decked out with a safety lock for children, a flashlight and, oh yea, you can open your bottles with it, too. Dish up and enjoy your day off!

Priced near $100. Check Amazon.com for pricing.

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