First-Hand Review: The 4-Burner Char-Broil T480 Gas Grill


(OutdoorGardenLiving)- The Char-Broil T480 is your standard couple hundred dollar Char-Broil.  For a low price, the grill has enough function to be considered basic.

The grill would last longer if the cooking grates were heavier to begin with, and because of this lightweight design the grates are subject to early corrosion, which can also be said for the burners and burner covers.

As an investment the grill isn’t a bad idea, only if you’re planning on a limited performing cooker and a grill lasting 3 years at most.

BTUs- Pros and Cons

Considering grills of a similar size, the BTU specs are good, but the 10,000 BTU from the side burners is on the low end.  Heating anything on the side burner larger than a sauce pan is hit-or-miss.

The main burner’s 48,000 BTU is a good number for grills of this size, but that’s the only real feature that gives this grill a chance to offer something the others don’t.  Char-Broil didn’t decide on 4 main burners over three for the added versatility, it was to help spread out the heat more evenly and to be seen as an upside for using lightweight cooking grates of porcelain coated stamped steel.

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The body

The Char-Broil T480 may look modern, but the stainless lid and stainless steel burners are made of inferior 430 steel, and powder coated steel used elsewhere.  This is however, an inexpensive alternative for those on a limited budget, especially for a grill that features 4 burners and a side burner.

You’re also getting a warming rack and a few utensil hooks, and a built in temperature gauge, so the grill’s not totally lacking features.  It’s actually one of the largest grills in its price range, whether that’s a good thing or not.

Here is the review from one of our site’s contributors, Cassie Altstatt, of her 4-burner Char-Broil:

I am going to be completely honest with you on how I feel about the Char Broil 4-Burner grill. It has a lot of pros, but it does have its cons also.

When heating the grill, it will heat up in no time. You don’t have to wait around for the thing to get hot. It heats up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. There is so much room inside of it, which is great when you have a lot of people come over.  You’re not stuck with too small of a grill trying to cook everything. Speaking of the food, it does turn out great. I know a lot of people are all about charcoal grills for the taste. With this particular propane grill, the food still tastes amazing.

It is bit of a challenge putting the grill together, but don’t take my word for it.  It’s probably just because I didn’t read the directions. Of course, with time, it will have wear and tear. It really depends on how much you cook on it. It will start to rust the bottom out eventually, but a key thing to prevent that from happening would be to make sure to clean it out, then placing a cover to protect it from the elements. With that, I do want to point out that this grill is actually very easy to clean. We all know that is the worst part about a barbeque party (the cleanup). It won’t be a problem to wait until the next day to clean it, and even then it doesn’t take much time or effort. They really thought about that when they made this grill.

A downer about it

After it was put together, some of the parts just didn’t fit flush. I hear that a lot of other people have this problem too, but it doesn’t really affect anything about the actual grilling process. My neighbor next door has a charcoal Char-Broil grill, and that one is definitely a great grill, but hers is a lot smaller so she does have to be out there a while cooking numerous things. They brought me over a plate of fish they caught along with some barbeque ribs they made and it tasted delicious and not just because I didn’t have to cook it. Hers is a charcoal so the down side to that is she always has to go to the store to pick some up before grilling. With my propane Char Broil, the tank will last a good while. I mean granted, I do have to go buy more for it at times when I want to cook, but it last a good while. I suppose that eventually with either one you have to go to the store for more burning material.

The customer service and warranty they provide

I know when investing money in any product, you want to make sure that if it is defected it can get fixed. The customer service is really great. They give great instructions and do their very best to resolve any issues. They clearly take pride in their products and want to fix any mishaps.

The cooking grates, lid, firebox and emitters have a 3 year warranty. They have a limited lifetime warranty on the burners and all other parts are only one year. With that said, it does have a pretty good warranty, not great, but good enough.

Some of the great features it has are the locking wheels. Let me tell you about those a minute. The grill is very easy to move around, but when you want it stable, they lock with an attached metal piece providing great safety. It does have an ignite button that does work great! What is also pretty cool is the side burner where you can heat up other small things like sauce or vegetables. It does have a warming rack that swings back when you open the grill, that way you can reach your food without getting your hands burnt. Overall, I would recommend this grill. It really is a good buy. I have picture to show you of my beauty below.

Getting the Best Price

Amazon variably has the best price for the T480, whereas across the board of retailers the price has been sporadic, usually between $250-$350.  I would check Amazon for the T480 at the lower end of that price range.

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Cassie Altstatt
Cassie Altstatt is a 25-year old woman starting her career as a freelancer. She loves being honest and giving people the best reviews that she can. Her heart is in her work to give readers her very best.


  1. Hey man, why are people giving this grill cruddy reviews? Char-Broil isn’t all that bad and on the message boards people are saying it was a bad egg.. I mean, 4 burners for 300 bucks, I don’t see their logic. thanks for the review anyways

    • It’s common to see with most grills, MOST of them, as there’s usually a few everyone’s happy with, but those are usually far out of anybody’s price range.

      The material Char-Broil uses in the T480 is more likely to rust. Those are the kind of comments you’re probably seeing, that it rusted on them. However, they’re not going to stop using 430 steel anytime soon for a higher quality grade or else like you said, it wouldn’t be a 4 burner less than $300. It’s one of those compromises..


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