6 Best Hard-to-Find (Discontinued) Lawn Mowers in 2016


Yes, of course, all lawnmowers can cut grass, but some lawnmowers can cut grass 10 times better than others can–countless tests and testimonials prove this to be so. The top lawnmowers that excel in the categories of performance, appearance and durability are the ones you should look into getting before anything else.  While the mowers below may have been relevant three or four years ago, if you can find one now, it might just be the mower for you.

1.)  Lawn-Boy 10797 Insight Platinum

Price: 600 to 660 dollars
Power: 5.5 horsepower
Noise: 85 dBA
Drive control: Rear wheel & multispeed

What to like: This lawnmower is extremely easy to turn on and use–all it takes is to push the handle forward, to activate. Now, as far as its setup is concerned, everything is straightforward. Once gas and oil have been added, it is ready to do what it’s real good at, to cut grass with ease. Its cutting ability is impressive, and its vacuum bagging performance is high. And, it has a rust-free aluminum deck. When it comes to putting it away, its handle folds forward, so it can easily fit in small areas.

What is there to dislike: The cheesy levers for adjusting its deck height, and the loose mulch plate.

2.)  Husqvarna 5521RS

Price: 330 to 375 dollars
Power: 5.5 horsepower
Noise: 86.5 dBA
Drive control: Rear wheel & multispeed

What to like: This lawnmower is super easy to start. It has an auto-advancing engine speed lever, which automatically switches back to the run-mode position with one pull of the recoil handle. Moreover, moving the lever to kick the lawnmower in different speeds requires just a little bit of effort. Now, when it comes to its cutting quality, it doesn’t disappoint–it cuts extremely well. On top of that, the lawnmower modes are easy to switch into from bagging to mulching, to side discharge. Both the chute plate and mulch plate are securely mounted to the deck.

What is there to dislike: The rear discharge pathway to bag has to be open and smooth to improve moist-grass bagging.

3.)  Troy-Bilt Model 834

Price: 330 to 380 dollars
Power: 5.5 horsepower
Noise: 86 dBA
Drive control: Rear Wheel & multispeed

What to like: It has a simple design, easy-to-use controls, and its side-discharge chute easily slides into position. Because its mulch cover is fixed with springs, it pivots up. Overall, this lawnmower is a powerhouse with a high cutting quality.

What is there to dislike: The positioning of the control lever; at some point, hand fatigue will settle in because of where it sits. On a less serious note, the oil fill tube is inconveniently placed on the side of the engine.

4.)  Snapper RP217019BVE

Price: 710 to 740 dollars
Power: 7 horsepower
Noise: 88.5 dBA
Drive control: Rear wheel & multispeed

What to like: This lawnmower is built like a monster truck. Its powerful engine and large side-discharge chute powers it to break through weeds and tall, wet grass as well as to climb the biggest hills quickly. This lawnmower is easy for anyone to use, but this particular model is best for those who know a thing or two about rugged, somewhat agricultural, mowers. Nevertheless, there is a cord attached to the gas cap, so the gas cap cannot get lost.

What is there to dislike: The deck height adjustment is horrible, and as far as switching modes from side discharge to bagging to mulching is concerned, it is more of a chore and a hassle than anything else.

5.)  Poulan Pro PR65Y21RHP

Price: 280 to 300 dollars
Power: 6.5 horsepower
Noise: 88 dBA
Drive control: Front wheel & single speed

What to like: This lawnmower is super easy to maneuver through any turf-type grass field. Also, since its front wheels lift in the air when the handle is pressed down, pivot cutting is super easy and cutting big grass fields can quickly be done. Now, when it comes to this lawnmower’s cutting quality, it is rather impressive and by no means is it inferior to the cutting quality of lawnmowers that cost more. In addition to that, this lawnmower has a lot of vacuum action during bagging. Managing the grass bag requires little effort–it is well balanced, and it is easy to put on and take off. Switching modes from bagging to mulching to side discharge is rather simple, and thanks to the tall rear wheels, this lawnmower’s rough-ground cutting quality reaches high marks.

What is there to dislike: This lawnmower is quite awful at climbing hills due to the weight of the grass bag and the low amount of uphill traction its wheels are able to generate. Also, using the control lever can be extremely annoying because the operator bail handle has to be partially released before the control lever will disengage.

6.)  Toro SR4Super Recycler 20056

Price: 620 to 640 dollars
Power: 6.5 horsepower
Noise: 85 dBA
Drive control: Rear wheel & multispeed

What to like: This lawnmower turns on without trouble. On top of that, it mows extremely well. When the handle is pushed forward, the drive system activates–pushing the handle forward also shifts the lawnmower into different speeds. This lawnmower has a rust-free aluminum deck and an optional blade brake clutch–this is what makes this lawnmower the best one for any yard, especially debris-loaded yards. Out of all the four-lever mowers, the height of this lawnmower’s deck is the easiest to adjust thanks to the large handles, which provides a great amount of leverage. When it comes to the ignition toggle switch, there is no chance of it getting dirty or damaged because a clear plastic shroud covers it.

What is there to dislike: Honestly, there is nothing about this lawnmower that disappoints. However, just to name something, the price is kind of too high. Then again, this lawnmower’s performance and overall design warrants the high price.

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