The manufacturing of gas grills was impacted significantly by globalization. Now many grills are Chinese made and even some components in a Weber and other “All-American” grill companies are sourced and manufactured outside the US border.

The Canadians have some companies that are also bringing a strong surge of well-made cookers that you’ll want to consider.

Gassers come in an array of makes and models with prices anywhere from less than a couple hundred bucks to more than 20 grand.

Several Things to Look for

Plenty of budget friendly and moderately priced models don’t reach a temp as high as it takes for steaks to be adequately seared, but the grills with sear burners that are specialized can. That’s the accessory out of any one I think takes highest priority- special burners that can raise the temperature enough and outdo normal burners by being better able to brown your steaks.

Featured in many are smoke boxes, and after practicing a little with gas grills, they can turn out meals flavorfully smoked, but their ventilation is extensive, meaning they go through wood a bit more than smokers or charcoal grills.

Be on the lookout for the bells and whistles included in grills by cheap manufacturers like rotisseries, side burners, and sear burners that are cut-rate.

These are for enticement purposes to buy their low quality, flimsy junkers with stainless, low grade steel built in and crumby fasteners holding it together (which will break apart and rust after a couple years of grilling).

Grills are better when they’re bigger. I recommend three burners as a minimum featured in your grill so you have a hot zone to cook with as well as a tamer hot zone.

You’ll be allowed to control the temperature better with this 2-zone system and it’s something you’ll need if your hope is to avoid burning burgers and hot dogs.

Regardless what price you’ll be paying, the quality of the hood-attached dial thermometers are poor. It’s common for them to be 50°F off. I strongly encourage your budget to include a reliable digital thermometer that features a probe you can place on the grill’s cooking space.

6) Broil King Signet 20

For a gas grill to appeal to the “everyman”, you’ll want to look for one with quality construction, great performance, a decent size, insured with a solid warranty, and an MSRP (lower than the mighty Weber Spirit E-310– found on the following page). The Broil King Signet 20 will meet those requirements.

A wide range in even temperature is delivered by the dual-tube patented burners, a Limited Lifetime Warranty good on the cast aluminum quality housing and it has condiment trays built into the drop down side shelves. But really, this grill is worth more than you’re going to pay. Although a Spirit E-310 is easier to find, the effort will be worth it.

Read the full review here.

7) Broil-Mate 165154 LP Gas Grill

broil mate grill 40000 btuA basic gas cooker priced low with a familiarity of design to the early ‘60s gas grills when they first were made: a body with cast aluminum and a 40,000 BTU old style Dual-H burner. Heat holds well in cast aluminum and the H-burner happens to be fused together by a couple of U-shaped burners with each side having their own control knob.

Money could have been spent elsewhere had Broil-Mate left off the pointless heat indicator on the hood.  (Your BBQ journey will only reach its goal of domination after you’ve acquired a solid digital thermometer.)

This small, plain grill could be walked easily past by as you’re later found gleaming at a shiny, bigger model that was cheaply made to be sold cheap and carrying a warranty of one year, but if this is the price range you’re comfortable with you’d fair well by stopping and giving it a look.

The aluminum housing in this Broil-Mate is not going to rust and a lifetime limited warranty comes with the cook box, a 5 year warranty on stainless steel components and the burners, and everything else with 2 years.

Best value gas grills

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