Garden sheds are an excellent storage extension many households simply can’t live without. When properly insulated and weather-proofed, one can keep virtually anything there, from seasonal clothes and accessories to canned or packaged food. However, most of the sheds store the crafting and outdoor-based equipment such as gardening and woodworking tools, lawn mowers, hoses and car parts.

To enable easy manoeuvring and effective operations inside the shed, its organisation has to be impeccable. The real situation in many cases is much different. People tend to randomly shove their discarded items there which leads to a big messy pile over time. If you have found yourself in this situation, read on carefully and find out how to reinstate order to your exterior storing facility and maximise its capacity.

1.) Declutter

This is a perfect situation to finally get rid of the unnecessary things you’ve been holding on to for months. You can make a garage sale, donate some to charity or sell it to the local recycling bank. There’s hardly a point in keeping the items you perhaps bought on the spur of the moment and haven’t used since. If your shed is rather small, it will certainly benefit from a minimalistic approach.

2.) Untangle and secure

Say goodbye to tripping over things and getting caught in a wild web of wires. Think about the things that are constantly in your way when you’re doing your business in the garden shed. These are precisely the items that need to be relocated first.

One of the most common offenders in this matter are certainly the tangle-prone hoses. If not properly stored away, these can take over the shed floor and untangling them can be a nightmare. Set up a wall hook or a tire rim and wrap them around neatly.  Or, invest in a hose reel like Rapid Reel 1043-GH.

Another thing that makes our movement in the shed inefficient is the lack of sockets and the multitude of cables and extension blocks. Hire an electrician to assess and install an overhead or underground power line and make enough outlets. Make sure this project is compliant with all safety regulations and avoid the most common electrical hazards.

3.) Shelves to the rescue

One thing we encounter frequently are tiny sheds with an excessive number of shelves. It may seem easy to just shove things we don’t need on one of the available racks. However, this can stifle the shed’s interior considerably.

A way out of this shelving pandemonium are precisely the flexible, mobile variants that can be rearranged according to your current needs. Now, if you’re looking for some heavy-duty shelving and pallet racking solutions, choose only the top quality models to avoid accidents and structure collapses.

4.) Look up

An often neglected aspect when shed organisation is in question is the utilisation of its height. This both creates a lot of free space and saves you a good deal of money you may spend on fancy racks. You can opt for the hanging storage bins, put up some boards and make some ceiling shelves or fix a few hooks and suspend your chunky items and tools. Place all these away from the working area and attach a safety net underneath.

5.) Shed doors

In the spirit of the “no surface goes to waste” principle, turn to your shed doors for maximisation of your outdoor storage facility. Mount some hooks and containers on it and don’t forget to keep it light. Otherwise, you’ll overstrain the hinges and bring yourself an unwanted expenditure.

6.) Tool arrangement

To make the best of the little space you have at your disposal and optimise the shed’s working environment, you should devise a functional tool storing system. Don’t spend your precious time searching for a hammer or a screwdriver and have it properly stored in a designated place.

Pegboards are the absolute tool storage masters. Pair them with some transparent boxes and make use of the labels. Lastly, create a blueprint of the whole shed once you finish, and use it as a reminder for later projects.

7.) Get a Great Storage Shed to Begin With

lifetime 6405 storage shed

Rubbermaid makes one highly rated storage shed.  It’s 7 x 7 feet, called the Rubbermaid Roughneck XL.

The Lifetime 6405 storage shed is a bit more expensive, but it includes shelving, skylights, and a window.

Arrow Head makes some really decent storage sheds.  If you’re looking for one with over 400 cubic feet, check out the Arrow Shed AR108-A.

Having ample storage room in your garden shed is not an unreachable goal, even for the modestly-sized constructions. Take our advice and make your shed time more enjoyable and productive.

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