8 Tips for Choosing the Right Outdoor Furniture for Your Home


outdoor furniture

Choosing and buying new furniture gives your creativity and personality the chance to pop. Making the right decisions can give you the luxury of extensive comfort and redecoration adds depth and flair to the space. To make your patio or a garden fresh and comfortable you have to choose and organize wisely.

Function and Purpose

Is it an entertainment or relaxation area? Decide on the purpose of your outdoor space. After that, choose the furniture according to the purpose of the area. Make sure that every piece of furniture has its function and use, so you would not end up with too many items that take up too much space. Plan carefully and stick to your plan and you will have a small piece of heaven in your yard.

Pay Attention to the Textiles

In order for your furniture to survive anything, you need to choose durable all-weather materials. Fabrics need to be water and UV resistant and to be porous so the moisture can evaporate quickly. Materials that are the best for the outside are polyester, acrylics, treated canvas and cotton duck. These are all durable and comfortable fabrics and there are many such items, like cushions, pillows, blinds, umbrellas and curtains.

Color Smart

You are not always limited to the dull colors of wood, wicker and metal. Nowadays, every piece of furniture has its own colorful schemes. Choose the simple colors for the bigger pieces and then spice things up with colorful cushions, lanterns, covers and other details you need. Always make sure to combine colors nicely so your patio would not look tacky.

Don’t Forget the Shade

If you do not have a big shade tree in your garden to protect you from the sun, then you will have to find a solution to cover your patio. Think about installing a crank-deployed umbrella or setting up a permanent roof made of wood or fiberglass. These will allow you to enjoy outside even during the hottest part of the day.

Quality is Key 

When investing in outdoor furniture you need to invest smart. You will get what you pay for, so you should pay for quality strong furniture rather than buying plastic one. Plastic and other cheap materials can look good, but they lose their vibrant colors and quality fast and are not as stylish.

Comfort, Construction and Style 

For long lasting furniture you need strong and firm materials like hardwood. Teak and cedar can support any weight and the best quality furniture you can find at Wintons Teak outdoor furniture which will provide you with long lasting comfort and joy. For chairs you may choose metal constructions and decorate them with soft cushions, or choose stylish and soft, but durable, wicker.

8 Tips for Choosing the Right Outdoor Furniture for Your Home by wintonsteak.com

Make it Flexible

Besides comfort, your outdoor furniture needs flexibility, too. You can set up a standalone umbrella that is easily moved around, or a wheeled cart that can easily transport food in and out of the house. Another useful and flexible thing you may need is a collapsible or accordion table that can be extended when you have guests, for example.

Storage and Easy Care

If you are worried about the weather damaging your furniture, make sure to have a storage area. Make some room in your garage or arrange a small spare one for your patio furniture. Storing the furniture will preserve its quality and help it last longer. However, if you do not have the spare space, make sure to choose only resistant and durable fabrics, or furniture that can be folded and easily stored.

Follow some of these tips and your patio will turn into another family room which is stylish and comfortable. Invest smart and in quality furniture and you will have a lifelong piece of heaven just for you.


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