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There is a plethora of gardening tools available in the market, but that does not mean you need to buy them all. You need to figure out what tasks you’ll be doing in your garden and then decide which tools to buy based on that. This will assist you in buying the right equipment for optimal results.

Start with looking into the basic requirements.  Then, if your budget allows, go for more specialized tools. Also, if you are a homeowner buying tools for private usage for your private garden, you may want to compare the cost of renting the tools if they won’t be used enough to justify the cost of buying and maintaining them.

Here is a list of basic gardening tools, explaining the application of each so that you have a clear idea of whether to buy it or not for your garden:

  1. Trowel versus a Dibber

One of the most common garden tools that any gardener uses to dig holes is a shovel. The trowel is the miniature version of the shovel, which you can easily hold in your hand. If you intend to dig small holes, then the trowel makes a good tool. However, it can be used to dig holes to plant seeds and seedlings.

On the other hand, the dibber digs holes only for the seeds. As compared to the trowel, the dibber is faster and easier to use. While the trowel gives you the option to dig wider holes or trenches, the dibber allows you to dig uniform holes.

  1. Garden Hoe: an Ancient Gardening Tool

However, it has evolved over the years to adapt for advanced gardening needs. It is that versatile of a tool to break up stiff dirt or for removing weeds. So, if you are looking for a tool to work on the ground for preparing it for planting, you should be reaching out for the hoe. You will come across various shapes within the hoe to make weeding and ground preparation easier. Thus,  look for one that offers better grip so the ground can be broken up easier. 

  1. Cultivator

Gone are the days when one dirties their hands trying to scratch the soil before or after planting. The cultivator comes with handles that are either long or small, like the hand tools. This one looks like a breed between a spade and a rake. It makes working around growing plants easier.

There will be times when you need to tidy up the garden and loosen up the stiff soil. With a cultivator, you can work with utmost care, especially when the plant is in its naïve stage and growing. You will not have to bend too much to work on the ground with a garden tool like this one. 

  1. Weeders

There are enormous types of weeders when you look for them in the garden tools section. You will find the larger ones for working on huge garden grounds to the smaller ones for pots. When you are on your knees and trying to get those weeds out of your precious land, you will need a sturdy tool. Even the simplest hand weeder will help you get out the toughest of the weeds with ease.

Do not be confused if you find the weeder tagged as a dandelion digger. It will look like a screwdriver and penetrates deep into the soil. No matter how deeply rooted the weeds are, you can get into them with this tool. 

  1. Pruners and Gloves:

These are the garden tools that people often neglect (but they are a must). Gloves are a way of ensuring prevention (rather than the cure). Even if you’re an amateur gardener, you should invest in good quality gardening gloves and pruners. You can always learn about different landscaping techniques and try your hand at them. On such occasions, you can have the pruners and gloves handy. While buying the gloves, make sure you invest in the better quality ones. The gloves should not restrict your movement when you are working on different plants or shrubs.

  1. Lawn edger

A lawn edger is a tool that helps you form distinct boundaries between lawns to make it appear aesthetically pleasing. These machines are both manual as well as motor based. With this, you can give perfect and defined edges to your flower beds, define the line where the flower bed ends and the lawn area starts, expand an existing flower bed, or mark out the edges of a new flower bed or a vegetable bed.

  1. What is a gardening kit without a leaf blower?

Well, imagine that you are done gardening and weeding but your garden is still covered with leaves.  Or, it’s the onset of autumn and the garden is overflowing with the leaves your garden trees shed. You cannot just clean out this mess without a leaf blower. A leaf blower performs all the tasks, like removing grass clippings, dislodging and breaking up matted grass, blowing off accumulated dust, and clearing off light and fluffy snow. Leaf blowers are either electric propelled or fuel propelled.

  1. Why a Chainsaw is a Necessary Gardening Tool

A chainsaw is a must if you have trees growing around in your garden. A chainsaw is a mechanical saw that has a rotating chain connected to the guide bar and is very handy for various cutting activities. Tree felling, limbing, bucking, pruning, and harvesting firewood are the few basic tasks a chainsaw can help you with.

Each and every gardening tool is designed for a particular application, and all those together can make your gardening fun (and a cinch). By going through the features of the tools listed here, you can decide whether or not to buy one. Now you should be better able to make a more informed investment!

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