Altering a Small Garden With Giant Plants and Pots


There are many ways to alter your small garden on the terrace or even in a room in the house, but there is nothing to compare with making a huge contrast between small and big objects.

The small gardens are easier for maintenance and the indoor ones provide a scenic look all around the year. Yet that’s only a hint of all the advantages of the small gardens at home. You can easily alter the garden landscaping with only a few large objects, which cover a huge part of the entire space – whether it comes to the walls, the floor or the ceiling. Even one giant plant atop a chair or a table can change into the most remarkable sight when one just walks through the garden. However, the huge plant requires much larger space for growing and a specific leaf clearance to ensure enough sunlight.

The perfect garden maintenance will become a truly overwhelming task, especially when it comes to water drainage, leaf collection and weed control. A better idea is to furnish your small garden with numerous small flowers and plants, but planted in gigantic over-sized pots as well.Altering a small garden with giant plants and pots2

Only a couple large pots might be enough for all the flowers in a small garden on a rooftop or on a balcony. The right choice of the materials of the pots themselves is essential to provide a pleasant layout all around the year. Just keep in mind all the dimensions of your small terrace or make a floor sketching. Add the dimensions of the doors, too, because some of the largest pots are even wider.

Contact gardening professionals to discuss all the details about gardening in giant pots, as well as for assistance when handling the over-sized pots. They can weigh as much as a fridge or even more, especially the marble or the porcelain pots, which are filled with soil and already planted flowers.

Because of that, a greater idea is to get empty pots and to plant your favorite flowers later. Use a simple technique by placing a pot in the pot. When the large pot is already on the right place in your small garden, start filling it with the appropriate soil and don’t forget to place small rocks or pebbles on the bottom for better water drainage. Then, leave a small empty space from the main lip of the pot and fill it with numerous smaller pots, which are light and not that difficult for handling. Not to mention the amazing advantage of planting many different types and species of plants at once, according to your taste and style, and without any invasive root problems.

Fill the void spaces between the small pots and then add a thin layer of soil so the lips of the small pots disappear. You can therefore grow exotic fruits and roses or maybe jasmines and grapes, or over a dozen different edibles in just one pot.Altering a small garden with giant plants and pots3

The countless different sizes, shapes and patterns of the pots provide you with an infinite choice of your garden layout. A round pot with a small opening gives that Zen feeling and some awesome soothing qualities that are important for the cold winter months, but you can grow a limited amount of plants in the small opening of the pot. The metal pots might be lighter, thanks to a thinner wall of the pot, as well as enhancing the contemporary outlook of your small garden.

Other giant pots can literally coalesce with the other architectural objects in your garden, such as the walls themselves. It comes to large pots with square bases and with an overall squared shape. They are perfect for growing numerous plants and even for making your own miniature garden lawn on top of a pot.

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