Best Cold Season Layouts for Your Garden


Landscaping the garden in autumn in preparation for the autumn season gives you the exciting opportunity to do something for your garden apart from the constant raking of the leaves. If you fancy yourself a reliable gardener, you could come up with plenty of ideas to set up your garden for the coming winter while not losing any of its brilliant outlook. If you are growing edible produce, then the time for planting has come so that the cold-season vegetables can use winter’s dormancy to sprout good results in the spring. And if you just want to have a pleasant-looking garden, then that is a simple matter of garden maintenance. The toughest decision you have to make is choose.

The standard simple look

The simplest method of landscaping is doing nothing at all. Well, almost nothing. Okay, the goal is actually to achieve nothing or, in other words, the simplest version of your garden. This means doing all the lawn mowing and trimming and grass cutting all at once, reducing your garden to a state of minimum, without planting anything extra. This will prepare the garden for the upcoming winter with nothing to worry about. There will be no plants to save, no grass to tend to, no vegetables to deal with, only a simple lawn that will wait for the winter to pass so that you can start the landscaping from the ground up once the last frosts are gone.

Choose the best layout of your garden for the cold season2

The retro look layout

With the white landscape of winter the best you can do with your garden is provide contrast so that you create a stylish black and white look. The best way to do that is to introduce black soil to your garden. No grass cutting, no hedge trimming required. All you need to do is give the snow a black blanket to fall on and give contrast the second somebody starts trekking over the white path, or when the snow starts melting. The effect can be quite imaginative. If you want to add more to the scenery, bring out some black planters, pots or planting baskets. Scatter them around the garden to create a style you would enjoy visually.

The Asian layout

And going from a simple nothing to the exotic something, have you ever thought about having a decorative pond in your garden? Put the shovel to work while the soil is still soft from the summer and dig out a small area where your pond will be. Surround it with oval stones and do some pruning to shape the trees in rounder shapes. You can go online for ideas and see how your garden can benefit from the Japanese culture. You don’t have to follow plant requirements, only the shape and scenery, so don’t delve too deep into the information.

Put some work on your garden and reshape it into something you would enjoy during the cold seasons. The Japanese garden will look magnificent in the autumn and pretty special in the winter so long as you watch out for that pond, and the retro look can create some pretty stunning imagery. So put your imagination to work and pick a favourite so you can start landscaping as soon as possible.

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