Best Cordless Grass Shears: Gardena 8803 Review


The Gardena 8803– a lithium-ion powered grass shear’s whose benefit lies in being cordless.

 Main parts to the 8803

Just an update, Gardena doesn’t seem to be offering their 8803 model anymore online. For this spring of 2017, I like the Gardena 8885.  Check it out here.

Lithium battery
I like this because it’s re-chargeable and doesn’t bog down and, when compared to NiCad and NiMH batteries used for power tools the lithium ion is usually lighter in weight with longer lasting life cycles. Other reviewers have said it lasts 40-45 minutes even upwards to an hour on one charge (Gardenas operating instructions says it runs 80 minutes).

The blade
Replaceable and is non-stick coated… they work well in thicker mulch such as St Augustine patches.

The Wheels
You don’t have to manage the weight of the sheers as you work with them. I’ve found they’re more of value when used on level/flat surfaces, but at less than 4 pounds it wasn’t that big a deal as the wheels can be lifted off the ground.

A Warranty?

Included is a parts and labor warranty of 12 months.


A telescopic swivel handle can be bought to accompany the shears so you don’t have to constantly bend down. Since it costs a little less than half of what an 8803 grass shears cost, I couldn’t justify purchasing the swivel handle because of that fact.
-People who’ve bought the handle seem to really like it however, and buying it with the Gardena 8803 seems to be a good investment.

The Price of the Gardena Shears

Although the average price for a typical grass shear is below fifty bucks, that didn’t steer me away from the Gardena 8803. Among the online retailers who offer the Gardena 8803 it’s price tag averages out to around $130, with the highest price found to be $223.

Spoiler alert:  Here’s the lower prices you’ll find on the Gardena shears.

Other Grass Shears to Consider

1.) The Gardena 8893 is probably a better pick for a grass shear considering the two are almost the same price, and it’s said to run up to 90 minutes on one charge compared to 80 minutes you might get from the 8803 model.
2.) If you’re leaning towards a more inexpensive sheer, I’d personally look at the Gardena 8805. It’s also a Gardena but the reviews it’s been getting have been high as well.

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  1. This shears is good, but the cost of a replacement blade is a bit steep. Then again the cheaper 3-inch shears aren’t as well rated. I’m deciding between two of the Gardenas and the Worx.. hmmm

    • There’s nothing wrong with Gardenas. Sure, you pay more for them and the handles but the hardware is much better. A shears like the Worx (assuming you’re looking at the 3-inch model) is good too. It’s all about treating them well like any other tool.


  2. I’ve only used the Gardena 8803 for a few weeks, so I can’t really give a long term assessment. So far there have been no problems; the unit has a strong ACCU, which I haven’t recharged yet. Pricey though, isn’t it?

  3. There were positives and negatives, but for me the purchase was a bad buy… for the most part. First of all, you should lubricate the blades of the grass shear. If you don’t do that, it’ll easily unhook. The telescopic handle is easy to attach and pulls out to a great length, which definitely gives for a more upright posture. On the other hand, it doesn’t really favor long grass.

    We live in the middle of nowhere, so we tend to sow the garden more often. The small ash and Maple saplings we get did bring out the Gardena’s limits. Yet I can’t completely devalue it: for garden owners in the city who want to maintain their lawn at least every two weeks, and you don’t have any uninvited trees or solid-stem weeds, the shears will be useful.


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