Best Loppers of 2014- Fiskars 9154 Review



This is more of a hog among the Fiskars loppers, measuring 32 inches and cutting up to 2 inches in diameter- the most of any Fiskars limits.  The list price is $46, but you can typically find it for less than $40. Its advantage lies in having more leverage than traditional styled loppers due to forfeiting the design of a single pivot for a more focused gearing mechanism, but with 32 inches in wingspan you’ll be sacrificing ease of use in tighter spaces for a wider handle spread.

The orange colored aesthetics of the handles serve more of a hidden purpose so to not be misplaced in shrub, or wherever you’re cutting.


  • Well featured lopper using quality (fiberglass) materials
  • Very good leverage
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Slower cut than regular loppers
  • Bit more in price

Extended Review- Fiskars 9154 PowerGear Bypass Lopper

Because of the upgrade in gearing and longer handles you’re going to want more room when cutting thicker branches to open the handles wide enough.  This compromise in limited reach is made up for with a lightweight design using aluminum for the handles vs wood, a lifetime warranty, and the advertised 3x more cutting power due to the unique gearing mechanism- its most notable feature.

The starting price can be found at Fiskars’ website, but as of now you’ll find the best price at


There are a lot of loppers out there, but if I had to pick and choose an alternative it would be the Fiskars 9632, as it’s more ideal in less working space with 27 inches of total length (shorter spread) while still cutting through 2 inches in branch diameter.


The “PowerGear” mechanism, a precision-ground, razor-sharp blade edge, blade fully hardened/ resistant to corrosion and non-stick coating, lightweight handles made of aluminum and durable/ ergonomically fitted.  Bypass blade.

Do you already own a lopper?  Leave a comment below of how it’s working for you or if you’re leaning towards the Fiskars 9154 or a similar lopper.


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    Great post, I haven’t heard about the Fiscars 9154. Must give it a try. Right now I am using Corona FL 3450 and it is working fine but I am looking for a new tool to use and work more in my garden

    Keep it up

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