9031275317_7cecc8cfed_zThere aren’t many fluctuations right now in the price of the Weber Spirit E-210.  Not unless you venture into the used category.

For the purpose of this article, we’re be talking new E-210 Webers.  Then you can say you’re the one that broke it in, not some other guy.

Usually they’re $399.  The best sale prices are updated below.  Home Depot, Lowes, or Wal-Mart aren’t going to be much different with pricing.  Here’s how to score the cheapest deal on a Weber Spirit (without resorting to eBay.  Because lets face it, some of us have had bad experiences there and would rather buy the grill new-in-box from a trusted retailer.)

  1.  Amazon.  If you get yourself an Amazon Visa rewards card, you’ll commonly get a $50 Amazon store credit just for signing up and getting accepted for the card (check here to see what they’re offering for it right now).  From my experience, they’re reliable, trustworthy, with solid customer service.
  2.  Just to update you guys (May 2016), I found Amazon was also offering a generous gift card deposit for applying/ getting accepted for a Discover it card.  I got the deposit a day or two later, and remember, you don’t have to use them if you don’t feel comfortable to (just a cheaper Weber).

What may get you a Better Deal than Amazon?  Raise.com

Here’s How:

  • Click the banner below and sign up.


If you’re not yet familiar with discounted gift cards, then know that people are selling their gift cards online much cheaper than their face value in hopes of salvaging what they can of it (apparently they have no interest in that particular store).

Right now (June 26, 2016) there’s a number of $200 Ace Hardware gift cards on Raise, at 10.5% off EACH.  So, you’d only be paying $179.08.  If you get two of those gift cards, and figure in the $5 promotional kickback, you saved yourself $46.84.  The site is legitimate, with top couponing sites like Krazy Coupon Lady vouching for it.

Better Luck Next Time

The best deal I ever saw for the E-210 was in June 2014 when Home Depot briefly sold them for $100 + a few pennies.  I’m assuming that’s a rarity and was only in select cities.

➡ A heads up: What they were probably selling was Weber’s “standard” version  of the Spirit E-210.  It has the hinged door and any retailer will be stocking this one.  Typically, the version of the Spirit stores sell is this: http://amzn.to/1V8OoGGIt has the Gourmet BBQ System (a center rack that’s removable).  Clips are used in the design of the door for attaching it (which is far inferior).  If I was part of Home Depot, I can see why we’d only want our “exclusive” model to be sold, then we’d have a chance to upsell the attachment options to the buyer.

You could say the “old model” is what every other retailer is selling.  That’s really for the better because the door on Home Depot’s model (with the weave pattern) can be a pain in the butt to get off and on.

img: CC BY-SA 2.0

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