Black & Decker CTL36 Review


Filling a Void- The CTL36

(OutdoorGardenLiving)- Although tillers aren’t necessarily their bread and butter– they have taken particular care of design and features in catering to the niche of front tine, cordless tillers.

With a well made front tine design and a reliable battery, it ultimately has a shot at sticking around for a long time.

Taking a quick peek at Black & Decker’s inventory, what’s found are two cultivators currently cheapest in the cultivator market– and an equal number of standard tillers– or more appropriately the cultivator’s big-boned cousins.

Both of these tillers are front-tine drivenwheels positioned in the back, and the tines in the front. The position of the wheels in relation to the tines allows these tillers to be propelled by their set of 4 tines digging into the soil.

black decker ctl36


CTL36 or the TL10?

The main difference between the two is that the CTL36 is cordless while the TL10 is corded. But, the CTL36 is almost $150 more out of pocket than the TL10. Why such the big gap? And is it justifiable?

One of the specification differences is the higher unit weight- the CTL36 is listed at 64 pounds while the TL10 carries a luggage of 31 pounds. That’s more than two times the weight of the TL10.. This extra weight usually is an indication for greater stabilfity. The price is most likely marked higher as there aren’t too many like it’s kind that are cordless.

Almost all other specifications worth noting in either tiller are identical to one another, both having: a tilling width of 6 or 10 inches, an 8 inch tine diameter, 4 tines, 3 height positions and nearly equal dimensions.   36 back

The best price you’re going to find

I’ve seen the CTL36 tiller priced as high as $420 (at Home Depot).

The price at Amazon is one of the lowest, so I would check their site first.

Who does Black & Decker compete with?

Considering you’re reading this review because you’re in favor of a front tine tiller, and envision tilling without a cord, then Black & Decker’s CTL36 is probably your best bet. They’re more or less a monopoly in this depleted market, but they have a steady pattern of high ratings with consumers in regards to their cordless CTL36.

The general theme of the CTL36 is:

  • A quiet, battery charged motormuch more so than their previous (gas) tiller.
  • The push button start was useful when starting the tiller rather than pulling a cord to start it
  • The perks of being easily transportable due to the adjustable handle, and the option to remove the battery.. and more importantly it does what it’s supposed to do. The few complaints among those stated how the battery’s too heavy, and having only one operating speed.

Any comments or questions you can email me at or leave a comment below.  As for the price, check for the CTL36 at Amazon here.

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