Black & Decker GS500 Better than the GS700? Not Necessarily


The GS500 works best for lighter trimming where a regular weed trimmer can’t get to.  Sometime in 2008 or 2009 the shears wasn’t orange colored like it is now but green, and the battery in the older version lasted longer.  Is Black & Decker cutting corners somewhere?

black & decker gs500

The Black & Decker GS500 has lasted years for some folks, and as I’m aware of the GS500 model was sold since as early as 2000.  Like most any grass shears in this price category, an extension handle has to be purchased separately.

Like the previous shears I reviewed- the Worx WG800– it doesn’t handle thicker and tall grass well.  Anything thicker than ivy or grass and it tends to stop or stick into the growth.  With 3.6 volts however, it’s not surprising.  The charge of the battery should last about 30 minutes, as noted in the manual.

Some users have said the newer GS500 model is difficult to operate and hold, and over-complicated when you want to replace the battery.  And concerning connecting the extension pole to the back plug, it’s known to be finicky.

Because the battery life won’t last nearly as long as you might hope, Black & Decker’s GS700, the next model up, is a shears powered by a 4.8 volt battery.  Oddly the Black & Decker GS700 is priced lower than the GS500 at several online shops.  Try GS700’s price at Amazon if you’re wanting the extra voltage.


I’m still not convinced if this line of Black & Decker’s is the way to go if you’re on a budget for grass shears- poor reviews from and other online stores- usually between 3 and 4 stars out of 5- and too many complaints about the battery poorly holding charge.  It’s a good shears if you have light trimming, but don’t expect it to last multiple seasons if you have a moderate sized yard.  On a side note- one owner did mention their GS500 lasted 5 years.


  • Battery charger plug is made of plastic

Finding the Best Priced GS500

It’s not in stock on B&D’s website, but you can find the Black & Decker GS500 at Amazon, and it’s one of the lower prices I’ve seen.

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  1. You’re better off with a $20 manual clippers. The GS500 is iffy. Black & Decker doesn’t make reliable shears to start with

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