Black & Decker GSL35- A Combo But Enough Power?


(OutdoorGardenLiving)- One of the big gripes with shears powered by low voltage like the GSL35 is its low performance.  There’s always going to be that person who takes a star or two off because they expected more.  3.6 volts is a lot different than 24 volts.  You’re lucky if it ran for 35-40 minutes on one charge, that is if you treat it well.

black & decker gsl35 unboxed

Weird Position of the Safety Button

If you have a big, beefy hand you might find the position of the safety button and switch awkward to push down, but you don’t have to continually push in the safety during operation.  The handle could have been adjusted more in this regard.  The upside is that it won’t start when you don’t intend it to, otherwise there’d be more accidents despite whether or not the safety mechanism is overkill.

If you don’t have a dedicated hedge trimmer, you’ll find the attachable shrub trimmer blade an OK replacement.  The feature of the charging light for the battery (on the handle) is expected.

At 2.6 pounds, the Black & Decker GSL35 is light but not flimsy.  Other reviewers have said it has cut branches up to ¼” thick.

You could probably push the GSL35 shears to do medium-sized jobs, but you might end up having to replace it for a new one because of some hiccup, otherwise it’s great for jobs requiring touch-ups and light duty trim work.

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Overall?  Pick Something Else

There are similar shears with better performance than the GSL35, one of those is the Worx WG800.  It also is able to interchange between the hedge and shear function, with an identical 3.6 volt lithium battery.

The price difference is negligible, and Amazon currently has the best price for the WG800.

Amazon’s price for the Black & Decker GSL35 is one of the lowest I’ve seen as well.

Too many reviewers have said the Black & Decker shears crashed on them in some way and they returned it, but the Worx WG800 (full review here) is your best bet in this price category.


  1. I almost want to get this but I want it to be comfortable in my hand. So for comfort, the GSL35 or something else? I have a small yard and some rose bushes

    • The handle designs on these type of shears are all going to have their quirks, so it’s hard to say which one’s more comfortable. If B&D or whoever put more in the design of the hand grip, then it might have an effect, but they might as well put padding around the plastic.

      To really bypass the whole grip issue, you should look at an extension pole. B&D makes one for the GSL35 called the Black & Decker GSH1000, and for the Worx that I pointed out at the end of the article, they offer the Worx WA0033.


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