Black & Decker HT22 Hedge Trimmer Review, 22-Inch


(OutdoorGardenLiving)- The one important characteristic of this hedge trimmer- the dual action blade.  If you’re not already familiar, here are several reasons you want to own a hedge trimmer with a dual action over a single action blade:

  • Two blades, i.e. the ‘dual’, are activated when cutting, whereas single action blades only have one blade when in motion.
  • They’re multi directional, thus dual action blades are more efficient and you’ll find you’ll finish the project earlier than with a single action.
  • Vibration is a major issue with hedge trimmers, especially with single action blades as they lack the counteractive effect that balance vibrations compared to hedge trimmers with dual action.
    With blades that are single action, increased vibration arise when the moving blade contacts with the stationary blade.

Best uses: Hedging, straight edging, trimming around rocks


Operating Instructions?

Operating the trimmer requires to slide back the lock off button then squeezing the trigger switch.

The lock off button can be released after the unit begins running.

To continue running the HT22 the trigger must be continually squeezed. Releasing the trigger turns off the tool.

-Some users find having to maintain squeeze on the trigger a bit annoying or tiresome after a certain period, but it’s a much safer mechanism. Safety, safety, safety!


Maintaining the HT22

The HT22 manual does a good job going into details with the trimmer like maintenance.

The key point for maintaining the blade is to simply: use it normally. This may seem obvious, but what if you’re trimming and accidentally nick the blade, be it on a stone, wired fence, or other hard surface?

If the nick interferes (noticeable when the blade’s in motion) then simply using a sharpening stone or fine toothed file usually will remove/level out the nick.

-Not too much to fret about when it comes to the instruction manual- clearly layed out with safety guidelines, assembly, operating and trimming instructions, maintenance tips, and more impressive is the troubleshooting steps to take when the unit doesn’t start or the blade becomes finicky.

Worth mentioning

Unlike it’s predecessor in the Black & Decker household of trimmers, the HT22 features a lock-off switch that prevents accidental start-up of the motor.

-The dual-action blades are 22 inches in length with 40 percent less vibration when cutting branches.
-A comfortable and ergonomic, 3-sided cushioned grip
-Not too heavy but light in weight-Easy to handle and maneuver
-Very smooth in a ‘vibrational’ aspect
-Rarely binds or gets caught up into branch sizes up to a 3x4in diameter

Steel blades are: Rust resistant, Dual-action (blades on either side are able to cut) and pre hardened

Price Range

-Typically electric hedge trimmers are found in the price range of $40-$100 and are rarely found over two hundred bucks.  Gas powered units are usually two to three times the price of their electric counterpart.

A brand new Black & Decker HT22 should be between fifty and eighty dollars.  The lower end of that range is usually seen at, so I would check them first.

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