Blue Rhino GBT1030 Portable Propane Grill Review


The Blue Rhino GBT1030 is a ‘Portable Proprane Barbecue Grill’ featuring a griddle and stove. It’s smaller size makes it perfect for two or so people at a tailgating party, a night relaxing on the patio deck, excursion at the beach, or a weekend cabin getaway.

Update, June 2016: Unfortunately, the manufactuerer discontinued the GBT1030.  A very similar grill that I recommend is the Weber Q2000 (see the price and specs on Amazon here), but any of their propane grills found there are worth looking into.

Another one I prefer for its similarity and portability is the Coleman RoadTrip LXE.  They have a bit more cooking surface than the Blue Rhino, and the 7 different colors give you several different price options on Amazon.

The GBT1030 has two surfaces for grilling space

The main grilling surface measures approximately 126 square inches and can fit up to four burgers, with the potential to fit around six burgers if you make them yourself.

The griddle, with about 100 square inches of surface, is suitable for preparing bacon, eggs, pancakes, and even heating coffee, as proper breakfast choices. It can also be removed to expose the stove burner.

The Blue Rhino is heated by two main burners, with each outputting at a rate of 14,000 BTUs, or a total of 28,000 BTUs. Each burner is controlled by their own knob, so you don’t have to heat up both areas but the one you’re using.

It’s important to note that the Blue Rhino should not be operated with the lid down. The low lid and BTU’s the Rhino GBT1030 exerts can easily over-singe the food.


-The locking top and two side handles make it safe and easy to transport
-Propane is fuel efficient through the burners
-The foldable legs make for compact storage when not in use, be it the garage or elsewhere
-No matches are necessary with the push-button lighter

-Assembling time required to put together the Blue Rhino grill will probably take longer than the 30 minutes stated in the manual. Anywhere between 1-2 hours is more likely. Furthermore, about 18 parts are needed to assemble the grill, consisting of 30 washers, pins, wing nuts, cotter pins, and lock washers. However, a Phillips Head screwdriver is included to easily match up the parts and, the assembly instructions are pictorial.

Important notes and tips

Practice what the manual says by ONLY using the grilling unit outdoors on the ground rather than a tabletop- heat produced can amplify with the power of 28,000 BTUs.

The Blue Rhino GBT1030 doesn’t come with any trap, grill pan, or cup, so underlying it with tin foil or other material as it drips will save clean up.

Features of the Blue Rhino GBT1030

227 square inches of total space for cooking
-grill surface for 4 burgers
Removable smooth griddle to access stove
-28,000 BTUs through 2 main burners
-push-button for ignition
-legs are foldable
lockable lid
-Required for operation is the disposable (not included) propane tank
-Dimensions measuring 26-4/5×11-3/5 inches

Essentially, the Blue Rhino GBT1030 Propane grill is a handy, portable, and compact grill when initially taken the time needed to assemble it out of the box. Smaller families will best enjoy the Blue Rhino’s smaller grill area, and prospective customers will undoubtedly admire it’s price of under a hundred dollars.

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