Broil King Imperial 490 Review- Gas Grill


The Imperial 490 is a newly designed grill and the smallest of the Broil King Imperial models, but only uses one igniter for the main burners. Ideally in a premium line of grills like this one, a separate ignition would be more practical for each burner control.

But for Broil King this is one of their top of the line grills, and a big change for the brand after being redesigned with higher grades of material.

Now they’re much more like their competitors after toning down the cast aluminum body for steel sheet metal, hood caps made of cast aluminum, and stainless steel to round it out.

The burners of the Broil King Imperial 490 have not been tested at Outdoor Garden Living, but the life of the Dual Tube design is supposed to be extended, as claimed by Broil King, as well as even heat in greater amounts.

[quote_box_left]Normally grills with standard tubular burners are more variable to uneven heating from the higher pressure they give off in the front.

They were aware of this and put in patented burners which are intended to not have the problem of isolated hot spots showing up or uneven heat stress, but rather burners evenly distributing heat front to back doing the same amount of work.[/quote_box_left]

While Weber tends to offer top of the line grills, Broil King still makes technology for a highly marketable grill.

The two brands each provide a ten year warranty on their dual tube burners and their own systems in place to shield their burners- see below. And they’ve kept all the features from their previous line.

The smaller proportion of cast aluminum makes for a powerful grill large enough to accommodate most families, considering the 490 is the cheapest Imperial.

What’s with the “Flav-R-Wave”?

Similar to the Flavorizer bars found in Weber grills, Broil King put in a cooking system they call the Flav-R-Wave.  It’s just a fancy name to describe the flavor that’s created when the drippings from the food turn to vapor after reaching the Flav-R-Wave, giving the food an extra flavor. They’re also situated in a way to protect the burners.

[quote_right]With a deep cooking box design and a high hood, many will say the roasting is enhanced and cooking turkey or other larger birds is easy. Tool hooks are also built into the side shelves and feature condiment trays of heavy cast aluminum.[/quote_right]

Other than the tubed stainless steel burners, the linear flow control valves are one of the stand-out features, allowing to control the heat at a high degree.

–Four main burners each put out 12,500 BTU (evenly heated at a high temp), and the rotisserie burner at 15,000 BTU..  A full rotisserie system is one of the key extras for this line, but the rear mounted burner included with it is standard, not infrared.–

Where to Get it

I know Amazon has one of the lowest prices for the 490, so I would check there first.

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