Broil King Signet 20- the Best $500 Budget Gas Grill?


You’re getting a lot of grill for the price with Broil King’s Signet 20 entry level offering. It falls somewhere between the Genesis EP-310 and Weber Spirit in terms of performance and features.

It doesn’t take long at all for the burners to get hot. Goes for all 3, and their range in temperature is wide.

The aluminum cast housing evenly retains heat and they won’t be rusting out. It’s at the valve where most burners with gas tubes reach a higher temp because the richest concentration of fuel is at the gas point of connection.

Broil King’s Dual Tube (patented) Burners uniformly distribute gas to the back from the front by relying on an inner tube that makes its way through the heart of the gas burner, allowing the whole burner to be filled with fuel before flame is exposed on it.  For slower cooking, turn them down until you’re reaching 225F.

[quote_right]The side shelves in a Signet 20 drop down just like you’d usually see with smaller grills (a nice perk for apartment and condo dwellers who don’t let the number of guests they invite be determined by their limited space).[/quote_right]

The condiment trays built into both shelves do come in handy. A Limited Lifetime Warranty is good on the aluminum housing, along with the burners carrying 10 years and everything else with 2 years.

Signet is priced lower than a Spirit (beloved and part of the Weber family), yet still competes well with. A Weber Spirit will be easier to find than a Signet, but the effort is worth it.

Broil King vs Weber

The quality of almost every barbeque manufacturer have stooped low for Chinese manufacturing and/or steel over at least a decade, but Broil King and Weber went steady with their lineups not to favor big drops in quality to save a buck.

Many of the features in a Weber are of the same quality as Broil King, like coating their grill parts with ceramic, but improvements have been made to Broil King’s basic design while the folks at Weber were betting on their name.  Little things, like the location of the hinge- now positioned not so far away from the center- improves on having to reach less over the flames when the lid is opened.

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Weber’s with a bigger footprint have been known to outdo Broil Kings in several aspects: hot spots are slightly less, heat control is more even, and their feel is more solid.  However, the value of a Weber is nowhere near as good, and in cases worse.  The Weber name is without a doubt the extra you’re paying for.

A positive getting a Broil King is for the same or similar price you can upgrade to a model that’s slightly better (get a rotisserie kit, one more burner, etc.)

Other Gas Grills to Consider

Broil King Signet 90 vs Weber Genesis

These two are compared to each other once and a while.  Both are studs of a grill, and the Signet 20 is everything the Signet 90 is minus the rotisserie burner and side burner.

So, you get to your local Lowe’s and see a Weber Genesis, while a Broil King Signet 90 wheeled out by an associate is parked right next to it.  Notice that the main cooking area of the Signet 90 is smaller (not by a lot, though).  How I see it, everything else is in the favor of Broil King, hands down:

-Thicker/heavier aluminum cast cook box

-The cart’s steel is thicker

-And heavier duty side shelves, burners, and cooking grates

The resin cart bottom might be Broil King’s only downer.  The Signet 90 also has a full rotisserie $200 less than the Genesis.

One Mention to its Price

The sellers are rather sporadic with their pricing.  You’ll get a Signet 20 at less than $500, but if you’re lucky than you’re talking under $400.  Whether or not they’re on the high or low end of that spectrum, is carrying it right now and they’re quite reliable.

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