Aquariums are great attractions that you can put up in your garden for a more relaxing environment to create an attractive beauty in your home. Though it might be challenging to build these structures, it is quite possible if the right guidelines are followed. Below is a detailed guide on how to build your aquarium in the garden.

Determine The Location of The Aquarium

First, you need to choose the best place for your tank in the garden. Find somewhere out of direct sunlight and away from vibration and drafts. Also, the place you choose to build your aquarium in the garden should not be under trees.

The Size, Depth and Type of Your Tank

In putting up a pond for your fish, you also have to consider the size and depth of your pond. Also, choose the type of tank material you want. You will find fish tanks made of either glass or the more expensive acrylic. Acrylic is a more efficient insulator than glass, so electrical costs may be less.

Buy the other equipment

One of the things you’ll need to build an aquarium in the garden is a filter system to provide your fish with enough aeration. Also, you will need a timer and LED lighting. Ensure that you equip yourself with ideal fishing rods. You may also need a water pump, ultraviolet sterilizer, and many others.

Set the Tank up

Step 1: After placing the tank in the right place, fill it with water. Then, check if there are any leaks. Add the gravel or substrate, piling it slightly higher towards the back of the aquarium to form the impression of distance within the fish tank.

Step 2: Fill the tank with water to mid-level. It is advisable to add the recommended dosage of chlorine remover or use dechlorinated water. Place a dish inside the fish tank on top of the gravel; then, gently, pour water onto the plate. This way, you will create a minimum disturbance to the underlying gravel.

Step 3: The third step should be the installation of both heater and filter. Usually, a heater will be required in tropical aquarium fish tank for the essence of maintaining the required temperatures. If a heater is connected, you will as well have to install a thermometer in an easy-to-read location.

Step 4: Add aquarium decorations. If you would like to add some extra touch to the aquarium in the garden, you should consider including ornaments, rocks or some backing pictures on the base of the tank. Floating plants can as well be added when the tank is full.

Step 5: Finally, turn on the heater and the filter while ensuring that both are functioning optimally. Now, fill the aquarium with dechlorinated water up to the top. This will start the whole process of tank cycling.

Adding New Fish

It is essential that your aquarium has stabilized before you add any fish to it. The pH level should settle to an acceptable level, and the temperature should be standard for all the fish in the tank. It is advisable to start by adding few fish at a time. Keep a close eye on the fish to ensure they are healthy before adding more fish.


Building an aquarium in the garden is an engaging job that calls for the commitment of both your time and your money. However, when done properly, you will enjoy years of enjoyment spiced up by the beauty and splendor of tropical or freshwater fish.

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