Char Broil Advantage 4 Burner Review


My husband and I recently bought a Charbroil Advantage 4. We had used our previous grill for many years; in fact, we had to upgrade because the handle of the old grill was rusting off and the grates were literally falling in. We did our research and settled on the Charbroil Advantage 4.


The Charbroil Advantage 4 is a mid-sized, moderately priced grill. There are a couple options – one that has stainless double doors that open to the twenty pound propane tank and one that has painted black steel. The option with the double doors is about $100 more expensive, so we opted for the painted black steel. This particular grill has four burners that are made of stainless steel. The actual grates are coated with porcelain; according to Charbroil’s website, this porcelain coating is designed to be easier to clean and is rust-resistant. There is also one side-burner, which is what really sold me!


While I love to grill on a charcoal grill, a gas grill is much more convenient. The grill doesn’t need to heat up as long and the food cooks much quicker. Our last grill was also a gas grill, but I was leaning towards a charcoal grill this time around. However, my husband read plenty of reviews and did his homework, which led us to choosing the Charbroil Advantage 4. That being said, this grill does have its pros and cons.


As I have previously mentioned, the Charbroil Advantage 4 has two models – one with doors that access the propane tank, and one that has a painted steel panel in place of doors. The model with doors is considerably more expensive.

[quote_box_right]The model that we have does not have the doors. This is a bit inconvenient as you have to reach around the grill in order to attach the propane tank.[/quote_box_right]

In the event of an unforeseen emergency where the propane would have to be turned off quickly, this definitely slows down the process.  It is my opinion that this is a safety issue and there should definitely be doors on both models of the grill.

This grill cost us about this much, and it does seem a bit steep that the grill with doors is 50% more expensive.


Our last grill did not have a grease trap. The grease apparently dripped under the grates and settled there. The Charbroil Advantage 4 fortunately has a grease trap. Again, this is behind the steel panel and is difficult to access.

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The grease trap is also much smaller than what I would like. For example, we had a large barbecue over the summer. The grease trap filled up quickly due to its small size. We didn’t realize it would fill up so quickly and the grease overflowed onto the pavement below. For future models, I would definitely recommend increasing the size of the grease trap and making it easier to access.



As Charbroil’s website stated, the porcelain coated grates are designed for easier cleaning. This is definitely true! The grates are a breeze to clean up after grilling. Also, I’ve noticed that vegetables grill much more evenly on this grill. The grates are spaced fairly close together, allowing the vegetables to cook evenly and not fall through. As I love to grill vegetables, this is important to me.


For a moderately sized grill, there is ample cooking space. For that summer barbecue that I previously mentioned, we were able to cook multiple types of meat and large portions all at one time. In addition, it has a warming rack attached to the lid of the grill. This has been especially handy when cooking large amounts of food at one time.

The side burner was a necessity to me when we were researching grills. Admittedly, I haven’t used that side burner as often as I had originally thought. However, it definitely comes in handy on those very hot summer days when you don’t want to turn on the stove. I’ve used it to boil pasta for a stir-fry of grilled vegetables while simultaneously grilling chicken. I’ve also used it to heat up a homemade barbecue sauce that I was preparing for the pork chops my husband was grilling.

I believe that with any major appliance purchase, there will be pros and cons. For me, the pros greatly outweigh the cons of the Charbroil Advantage 4. If you’re looking for a moderately priced grill, the Charbroil Advantage 4 is the way to go!  Start with if you are going to get one of these.

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