Contech CRO101 Review- an Inventive Sprinkler?


Its selling point: The Contech CRO101 Scarecrow is a sprinkler that activates when it senses motion, scaring off animals and simultaneously watering your garden.  There’s no need to use animal traps or chemicals as it wards off pets, wildlife, and any critter that lays an eye on your backyard grub.

contech cro101 sprinkler partsSeems like the way to go, right?  Well, it’s mostly made of plastic, so if your ground is hard you may not want to shove it forcefully into the earth when setting it up. Digging a small hole first with a tool to do that type of thing might be more appropriate.

For something that gets closer than expected and only then trigger the sprinkler, they have a better chance of missing the spray entirely. Thus, having more control over the trajectory of spray would be nice.

If it had more vertical control you could better aim at smaller pets, like a dog or cat, that has a history of doing it’s business in your yard.

Ease of Set Up

A 9-volt battery is required for the Scarecrow. Expect to use 1 to 2 batteries during a month to operate the sprinkler.  Then you connect the hose to the sprinkler, inserting the 17-inch stake into any area of ground. It’s easy enough and you don’t need any special tools.

A Couple Tips with the Contech Sprinkler

-The Contech is very unforgiving of who or what is in it’s range of fire. Rig your hose in a way to avoid spraying anything or anyone you don’t want to water down, i.e., the mailman, your sister, a solicitor (well, we’ll leave it up to you to decide!).

-Use of a pressure regulator may be necessary to lower the PSI at a more consistent level.  Turn off the sprinkler before adjusting any of the fittings.


  • 2 year warranty
  • Detects motion of an animal (or human) within a 1000-square-foot vicinity
  • The motion detector is effective, detecting movement as small as a squirrel.
  • It sprays water for approximately 4-8 seconds

Overall, is the Contech CRO101 a worthy backyard gadget?

Yes, but be prepared to modify it to better match your yard’s requirements.  It is great as a deterrent but it is (mostly) made of plastic. Go with it because environmentally it takes away the need to use chemical deterrents, unsafe traps or wired fences, and wrapping netting around plants.  And hey, it’s fun to see it in action..

How Much Should you Pay for this Sprinkler?

I’ve seen it going for anywhere between $48-$68 among the handful of retailers online.  I regularly check the price and have always found the best price at Amazon.

Do you have a garden you’re looking to protect?  Is your current setup not working for you?  I’d love to hear how you’ll use a sprinkler like the Contech below in the comment section!

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    • Although this one is almost 6 years old (2007), the sprinkler clearly senses the movement of the pigeons and activates. As for being on the roof, that will likely depend on where you place the sprinkler and how far it is away from the birds


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