Cook Out on Memorial Day with One of these 5 Pick-Up-and-Go Grills

You can’t go wrong with a smoker that’s tuned in so well that your pork shoulders get hickored to crap after a couple four hour sets to the point they’re quivering on the bone with an obvious glisten. But the main problem is how you’re going to pack up that little rascal to bring with to a woody retreat on a (Memorial Day) weekend or to that top-secret bass lake.


The points above should be reason enough for any wise man with a BBQ fetish to spend on a quality on-the-go grill.  The portability category shouldn’t give you an impression of flimsy, cheaply made grates or an underwhelming power to sear.  Rather, a good number of the models this year are powerful, light, and have the capability of treating your BBQ right.

The below selections have the ability to be taken with wherever your travels take you in the summer.  And the burger isn’t sacrificed, either.

  • Weber Q1200

Underneath the Q1200’s cast iron outfit are the guts of a standard sized freestanding grill, but as a tabletop transportable unit.  The battery-operated built-in igniter lights up the Q1200 and the burner (rated at 8,500 BTUs) puts out a heat evenly along the length of the mid-sized grates.

A thermometer is on the lid displaying the Fahrenheits, while your tongs, flipper, and grillables are packed in a tray held by a couple of well thought out side tables.  The Q1200 goes on the juice of LP disposable 30-pound cylinders, but if you’ve scheduled more than a day for the grill and BBQ, opt for an adaptor (usually $20 or so- a Weber branded adapter hose here) so you can work in a common hardware store propane tank.

Brought up frequently in BBQ circles (online there’s a whole sub-forum dedicated to the Weber Qs at, see the Q1200’s full review here.

  • Biolite BaseCamp

The branches and twigs loitering your backyard may as well be gathered for a source of heat in the Biolite Basecamp, which is then converted to electricity.  This allows a fan within the Biolite enough power to agitate the combustion of wood to be able to bang out two quads of burgers simultaneously.  (The thing also looks out for your tablet or cell phone by charging up its lithium ion (5 watt) battery and juices up an LED goose neck light so you’re not stuck in the dark prepping food at night.)

Switch the flick to change the flame from grilling to burning, suited for cooking an egg or boiling and all this is done with no controversy of fossil fuels.  The legs are foldable, which prevents it from taking a butt seat on the ground, and no charred spots are left behind thanks to the Basecamp’s ash tray.

Camp Chef Tailgater Combo- a Burger-Dog Searing Machine

Name one possible cooking surface you can’t imagine from a Tailgater Combo?  (Hard to do without testing it- though OutsideOnline gave this grill an impressionable go.  Spoiler alert: it was ranked worst for portability, but it was great for cooking in a stove-top manner.)

The package: modular, foldable.  Featured are two burners made of cast aluminum that whip up a solid 30k in BTUs.  Regardless, the heat is regulated easily.  Now just get the griddle placed over one of the burners, and no one in your party will be left without a plate of bacon and eggs.  Or, with the burner underneath the BBQ box, it’s no longer a lightweight but a Jay Cutler-muscled camp stove producing infrared heat from flame.  For storage and packing, the legs under the 36lb stove are folded in less time than the the infield MLB Twins.

Primus Kamoto Open Firepit

For one, the Open Firepit by Primus gets those dogs grilled up good (as the guys over at ActiveGearReview demonstrated), and it may just conjure the feel of relaxing by a camp fire.

This wood-burning, foldable, 13lb steel fire pit has room for 10 burgers (medium sized).  Yet it does more than just sear meat: take the cooking grate off and now you and your party can break out the sticks to stomach as much toasted marshmallows to appetite.  Embers are kept from igniting leaves or grass thanks to the ash pan integrated in, so your camp will be free of your grill’s excrement after you’ve left.

Coleman X-Cursion Road Trip Propane Grill

OutsideOnline also tested this grill- link to the article above– (spoiler alert: no other model was more mobile, though it had its portability hiccups.)

It doesn’t take more than a click to rev it up after rolling it to your camp retreat with its steel, scissored legs and a set of wheels good for any terrain.  The push-button starter cranks up two burners rated at 20,000 BTU, while its generous 285 square inch grilling surface can pack all the burgers and brats needed for everyone in your crew.  The grilling grate can be swapped for a stove grate or griddle if you’re looking for more flexibility in ways to cook.

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