How to Create a Shady Retreat in Your Backyard

While the idea of sunbathing beside the pool and catching those warm rays of sunlight is quite appealing, after a certain amount of time you will start searching for a refreshing sanctuary that will provide some pleasant shade.


Creating a small oasis right there in your garden space is very much possible and quite necessary, especially during those unbearable summer heats. By carefully choosing your greenery, trees and other plant life and combining them with a few structural elements, you too can indulge in your personal oasis – a shady retreat right there in the comfort of your backyard. These few ideas can greatly aid you in creating your own paradise haven:

garden spot with trees

It Is Always a Good Time to Plant a Tree

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you start thinking about creating a shady oasis? Quite possibly you are thinking about a number of huge trees strategically placed all around the yard, with large leaves guarding you from the unbearable sun. Of course, keeping in mind that a tree requires a fair amount of time to reach a certain height, it is important to choose some fast-growing trees to cast some shade. Some of the most obvious choices are the Hybrid Poplar and Red Oak which are known to be some of the fastest growing types of trees.
Also, if you are looking for something that will provide not only shade but also a sudden burst of colour, Red Maple is just the thing for you. For those looking to add a bit of romantic ambience in their gardens, there is a variety of Weeping Willows, which have the ability to truly enchant the area. Add a whimsical touch by opting for a Crab-Apple Tree or mesmerize your garden with a delightful Cherry blossom.

deck in backyard

Find Shelter Among Other Plants
Although trees are the most obvious choice, it is good to keep in mind that there are other plants that can provide shade just as well. For instance, there is a variety of hedges and shrubs which provide wonderful shade, and can also help control the temperatures in your garden space. Rhododendron and Hydrangea make wonderful additions to the yard, while Juniper is not only a great shade caster, but its berries can actually be used in different culinary dishes.
If you are looking to create a somewhat dreamy setting, make sure to choose vines and climber plants such as English Ivy or Spanish Moss. For those who wish to add a subtropical flair in their gardens, Begonias, Caladiums and Orchids will certainly do the trick.

garden walkway

Add Some Structure
Creating a heavenly retreat in your backyard can best be achieved by combining certain elements and adding a bit of structure. Shade structures are a great way to cast some additional shade and also create a more inviting ambience in your private haven.
There is a variety of choices when it comes to structure: from enthralling gazebos and pergola structures up to parasols and easily adaptable commercial shade sails which provide excellent shade, as well as protection against all kinds of weather conditions. These shady alternatives are a great option as they count both as a shading structure and a space where you can unwind, relax and host your guests.

water bowl in garden

Additional Refreshment
Lastly, for those who wish to capture the true essence of a tropical oasis, there are certain things you can add in order to enrich your garden and provide some additional refreshment during those hot summer months. A water feature in a form of a stream or a small lake can greatly contribute to the complete sanctuary setting, while fountains are a nice way to enliven your garden area and they are also a great addition for those contemporary garden designs.
Once you create your personal harbor of tranquillity, you will no longer have the need to search for a getaway destination to escape from earthly troubles. Create your own tropical island where you can unwind, relax and indulge in the cool shade of serenity.


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