Earthwise Electric Mower Review- 60318 Model


(OutdoorGardenLiving)- The good: self-propelled, cordless, 24V battery, foldable handle. Those four features personally should be a part of every lawn mower, but I know not every person has the same tastes. Before I forget I’ll mention that assembly doesn’t necessitate the need for tools, so even the least savvy tool-man/woman can put this mower together.

Also you have the standard option when dealing with almost any bagged mower of choosing to discharge the grass from the side, mulch it up, or propel it into the rear bag.

The bad: The Earthwise 60318 will be a bit more difficult to transport since it weighs 90 pounds.

The bottom line: Almost no reviews yet have been published online for the Earthwise 60318. That doesn’t hold me back from proclaiming it does have a place in your garage. I’ve reviewed other products by Earthwise that aren’t even in the category of lawn mowers. Yet I’ve found those reliable and withstanding.

In my previous article I reviewed the Worx WG708. It’s similar to the Earthwise 60318, but has a bit less in features than the Earthwise. Whereas the limitation to the trim lengths of the Worx WG708 is 1.5-3.5 inches, you get a bit more breathing room with the Earthwise being able to save 4 inches. The Earthwise 60318 has one more volt of battery at 24Vs. More than 36 volts and you’re looking at spending another 150 bucks or more than a 24 volt, and a lot of times 24 volts is all the power you’ll need.


Aesthetics a Benefit?

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover‘, but frankly sometimes the cover is a good indicator to the care that was put into the content of the book, and that also implies to lawn mowers. It has a nice glowing green body, like something you would see found at the forefront in a Sears because, well, they stand behind that product knowing it performs well. The v handle is contoured as a cushion grip found at the peak of the 60318.



Moving the lawn mower is done with two sets of wheels, 8-inched rims in the back and 6-inches in the front.



Earthwise kindly offers a 2 year warranty to back up their 60318 lawn mower.


For 24 volt battery powered lawn mowers on Amazon, the Earthwise 60318 is probably $30 or $40 more than it should be, but it depends on where you get it.  If you’re getting it online, try Amazon’s price for the 60318 first.

If you’re looking for the kind of specs this Earthwise model has, then the Greenworks 25092 would be a great alternative.

Here’s a video of a demo with the Greenworks 25092 cordless electric:

Do you already own the Earthwise 60318? Leave a comment below if you have some experience using it to help other’s decide whether to buy it or not.

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