A Look at the Earthwise LST10012 Cordless Electric String Trimmer (Review)


(OutdoorGardenLiving)- The Earthwise LST10012 powers on an 18 Volt Lithium Ion battery, with a rating of 2.6 amp/hr- about two times the amp most other trimmer manufactures equip on their tools.

A better alternative to gas, lead acid and Ni-cad batteries

The biggest benefit of using the Earthwise LST10012 is the rechargeable ion lithium battery it operates on, rather than Ni-cad and lead acid batteries which are more in weight on a trimmer and gas fuel becomes an unnecessary pollutant.

-These environmentally-friendly batteries maintain their peak power through the duration of their charge.

Recharging the battery should take about 40 minutes based on the ion batteries’ 2.6 amp/hr rating, but usually takes anywhere from <30 minutes to 1 1/2 hours.


  • No fumes from gas and, no cords to plug into an outlet
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble
  • People with varying height can adjust the tube length and handle to accommodate their position
  • The trimmer balances out well and is light enough to maneuver and cut in awkward spots


  • Only comes with one battery
  • The original string packaged with the Earthwise has a tendency to seize up when trimming, and break away when hitting harder surfaces like rock. Found to be successful is replacing the string with a reputed commercial brand string
  • Few have proclaimed the battery arrived defective with their shipment. Customer service has proved resilient in these instances, promptly delivering a new battery in short order

Features of the Earthwise LST10012 Cordless Electric String Trimmer

-2.6 AH LI-ion battery with 18 V- gives the Trimmer power of 7,800 RPM
-standard .065 inch diameter of line – single auto line feed
Upper Handle is able to rotate 180 degrees with an edging function
-Adjustable cutting head with 3 positions
-possible cutting angles from 0 (straight) to 30 and 45 degrees. This is a nice advantage, as changing the angle gives you the ability to edge along sidewalks and other crevices

Adjustable telescopic handle for height adaptation
-Edge guard flips down to minimize flying debris
Lock off switch to safeguard from accidental starting

Overall, you may not get the ‘umph’ and duration of a regular gas-powered edger when trimming a field lengthy/weighed down with weeds and grass, but this cordless LST10012 makes up for it with it’s lightweight, cord- and gas-free, and quiet nature.


Where to Find the Best Price
Amazon invariably has the best price online for these trimmers, so I would check there first.
Update June 2015: It appears the LST10012 has been discontinued.  See below for models that are comparable.

Comparable models
The Earthwise CST00012– High reviews; almost half the price of what the LST10012 is and 0.8 pounds lighter, with the exact same 12 inch cutting path and 18 volts of power, but uses a NiCad battery rather than the favorable lithium ion

My personal preference: The Black & Decker LST220– Same online price, trustworthy brand.  Reflects key features of the LST10012 and has an additional 2 volts in it’s lithium ion battery, and also weighs a touch less at 8.7 pounds.

If you’re still on the fence about the Earthwise LST10012, then check out the GreenWorks 21072 cordless trimmer. A bit more in price, but it’s also cordless and has 20V of power- two more volts compared to the LST10012.

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