When Considering an Earthwise TC70001 Tiller…


The Pros:

-Has a tighter center of gravity compared to some gas tillers
-Has the potential to break up roots in thickness of 2″-3″ (I personally wouldn’t try to go through those on purpose.)
-Performance is comparable to an electric tiller like the Craftsman, and you’ll be saving $200

Not practical for: -Large gardens


Best uses:

-Small plantings
-Flower beds

Like with any electric tiller such as the Earthwise TC70001, some skill is needed to master their tendency to bounce around and travel.  It’s also not uncommon for weeds or roots to get tangled in the tines, that’s a notorious feature with tillers in general.

Here’s the quick demo-



Other Electric Tillers to Consider

Good- Greenworks 27012 (8 Amp): (Amazon’s price) Has an 8.25″-10″ cutting width (ideal for gardens with smaller rows to till between)

Better- Sun Joe TJ600E (6.5amp): (Amazon’s price) Weighs 8 pounds less, 3 more inches of cutting width

Best- Sun Joe TJ601E (9 Amp): (Amazon’s price) A bit more powerful motor, 7 more inches of cutting width, 2 more steel tines (better for those with a larger garden/lawn)


An excellent tool considering it’s a light tiller for gardening.  If you’re located in a more southern region like Arkansas or further, you may be better off with a more powerful tiller like the TJ601E-plots of Bermuda grass and other southern lawns may not be as ideal for the TC70001.

Do you already own a Earthwise TC70001, or maybe a similar tiller?  Let us know how it runs by leaving a comment below. 

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  1. I’ve seen it go as low as 80 bucks and you’ll be lucky to see the tiller that low again. Regardless, it gets great feedback at Amazon. Can the depth be adjusted?

    • For the TC70001, no, the depth is not adjustable. You can get the tines to go in further if you’re walking backwards than forwards.

      I’ve never seen it at $80 before, who offered that?


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