Electric Hibachi Grill Review

You can’t simply compare electric grills to gas or charcoal grills as far as cooking experience and authentic flavor goes. The Electric Hibachi Grill, however, takes the right step in a direction that’s revolutionary.


There has always been a compromise to settle with electric grills for someone who either has a restriction from using charcoal or gas, or doesn’t have adequate space outside.

The flavor produced by electrics won’t be near as authentic that we’re going for in outdoor grilling, and they can’t generally be relied on for temp ranges needed for a steak to sear or to bring out nice-looking grill marks.

When we’re talking performance and heat, the exception is the Electric Hibachi grill.

With a new technology called ThermoCeramix in place, there might just be no other grill that’s more evenly heated ever made (of any kind), and with a temperature reaching a maximum near 700F/370C, its heat is comparable to that of the best examples of this year’s gas grills.

While it’s not very inexpensive, this is an equipment piece for professional cooking that can either be grilled with outdoors or indoors and is prime for someone who lacks the space for a grill that’s full-sized or is unable to use gas or charcoal.


➡ Its temperature reaches a high output, cooking surface is 100% even, and its construction is solid.

Yet its cooking area is small and you can’t remove the cooking surface.


Unlike a charcoal, the smoke flavor produced by this grill in foods is not strong, but the heat evenness is nothing short of amazing and it can get to temps that aren’t possible with a good number of gas grills. Give credit to ThermoCeramix for that one, a technology that’s new in the grilling scene. Simply put, this is a way for a surface to be directly embedded with a heating element.

Electric grills that are more typical ultimately have an enclosed space heated by a heating element it makes use of, making the air hot for cooking in. Not all electric grills have the cooking grate in direct contact with the heating element, which will cook with heat contact. This electric Hibachi has a surface I’d consider to be special in that it uniformly heats the area entirely across. This is mounted on a metal (wavy) grill surface that evenly heats so effectively that it is the same exact temp in the center of the grate as it is on the edge.

I can’t say I’ve ever cooked on a grill of any type whose heat is this even. The cooking surface can be entirely loaded (155 square inches approximately) and foods never have to be moved around to cook them all at once. Not just this, but its temp of 370C/700F makes for a terminator steak griller that is rivaled only by true gas ignited infrared grills (in contrast with the Char-Broil production). If your next grill has to be fueled by electricity or you have that itch for indoor grilling, this choice is the best I’ve seen on the market. The grill is truly amazing.

A Couple Things to Consider

At around $500 (spoiler alert: Its price at Amazon.com), it’s one of the more expensive marketed electric grills. Cleaning it can also be a challenge somewhat. As a unit, there’s just one piece to the grill and you can’t remove the grilling surface for cleaning. It comes with a rugged nonstick surface, but you’ll need to take proper care to avoid getting it damaged. More info is in the manual on how to go about this.

Also noteworthy is that this grill is small, like the majority of indoor grill units, yet because of the performance and efficiency you can use all of the surface to cook without having to space out the food, so space is trivial unless you’ve found that you need 11 or 12 steaks cooked simultaneously, which is unlikely the case.

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