Electrical Upgrades for an Enhanced Backyard Movie Night


Creating your own drive-in movie theater isn’t just an idea anymore. As the technology advances, the items needed for this project are much cheaper than before. Thanks to DVDs, Blu-Rays and digital streaming services, anyone can play movies right in their backyard. To boost your movie experience, there are certain improvements you need to do. You can work on comfort, the overall look of your home theater and the whole set up. Hiring a professional to do these upgrades is recommended, but this isn’t something you can’t finish on a DIY basis. Here are some steps you can take in order to create a better viewing experience for your guests.

Permanent or Temporary

The backyard is an excellent place for the outdoor theater. If you don’t think setting up the entire system is a big hustle, then you can use extension cords and power strips to supply energy. But, if you are going to spend some time there and play movies quite often, then something more permanent should be made. You can even make it possible to play a movie outdoors from your indoors theater rig.

If you don’t want your cables and extension cords to become a mess, simply dig a trench from your house to the place where the projector will be located. You could put PVC pipes in the trench and, at the end of it, make a platform for the projector. The extension cord and an HDMI cable should run from your house, through that pipe leading to the platform. If you have a swimming pool, try lining the pipes away from it in order to prevent any damages to the theater system. This kind of conduit will allow you to connect the speakers to the movie theater and enjoy movies with the great sound quality.


To have a good movie night, the lighting in your backyard needs to be perfect. If the lights are too bright, you might mess up the contrast and the visuals of your screen. You don’t have to make it completely dark, either. Instead, set up a light dimmer switch in your backyard. This way you can set the lights to different levels of brightness and enhance the quality of image. You can even get a remote for a dimmer switch, so you don’t have to get up mid movie and set it up properly.

It would also be wise to set up some lighting along the edges of your backyard. This will contribute to the whole theme of the outdoor theater and prevent your guests from tripping over the items in your yard. In a recent conversation with the illumination system experts Industralight, we learned that low bay lighting fixtures are an optimal solution to this end.

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Your backyard theater doesn’t have to be open during summer only. Hire an electrician to install radiant patio heating in your backyard or some other efficient option. This will be placed right under the patio. This will provide enough heat for you to be able to watch movies comfortably during the colder days. If you prefer watching the movie from the lying position, this heating system is perfect as you can place blankets on the patio and keep yourself warm. You can turn the heating system on for melting snow that falls on your patio or for drying it after a rain.

Technological advancements allowed us to bring the joy of movie theaters to our backyards. You could have really fun nights watching movies with your friends and family by setting up your own rig. Follow these steps to enhance the experience even more for them and for yourself.

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