The GreenWorks 27022 is one of the Best Dethatchers of 2017


When you look over the dethatcher’s features you can assume that each of the 3 tines controls a different level of depth, which they’re right about, but it’s more misleading than anything.  One of the Greenwork’s depth levels is used only when you’re transporting it.  So, really, you’re only getting the utility of two depth levels to work with- 10mm and 3mm.

No, the Greenworks Dethatcher is not self-propelled

BUT, its gentle action of dethatching allows it to propel forward.  It simply comes down to physics.  Going forward and it nicely dethatches.  I wouldn’t be surprised seeing it dig-in if you go backwards dragging it.

The dethatcher is electric, pumping out 10Amps, so an extension cord will have to be managed.  An extension cord I recommend is a 100-foot 12 gauge US wire model.

At First Glance

After taking it out of the box the first part of the dethatcher that draws attention are the tines. They’re situated on a roller comparable to a brush roller under a standard vacuum cleaner.  The tines themselves appear on the cheap side- thin and not very long.  Any stock photo showing the 27022 won’t show the tines or the bottom portion in detail.  Greenworks has been including an extra set of tines in the 2013 line, so that’s a nice insurance for the low gauge quality you get.

greenworks 27022 tines

As for assembling, it should only take a phillips screwdriver and attaching the base to the handle bars.  Instructions are mediocre to begin with- the specifics of thatcher height conflict with what’s indicated on the thatcher wheel.  The instructions are also limited in explaining how to change out the tines for new ones.  A reviewer on Amazon thoroughly explains how to do this.

greenworks dethatcher parts

This dethatcher goes fast, and you might remove more grass than you’d want if it’s at a slow crawl.  The only mechanism moving it forward are the spinning tines, keeping the pace controllable with little effort.

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My Nitpicks

  • Gauge of tines should be thicker
  • Wheels in the back are too small
  • Fooling around with the electric cord is a classic nitpick, but no gas!

Greenworks 27022 vs Sun Joe AJ800E

This and the Sun Joe AJ800E are the legitimate dethatchers in their market right now (and still currently are- March 2017).  Since it’s not commercial grade, it’s a dethatcher for occasional/annual use.

When deciding between the two, remember that they both have the same 14″ cutting path.  You’re paying extra for the Sun Joe dethatcher because of its thatch catcher (collection bag) and 2 extra positions for depth control.

Now you’ll come across a couple different prices for each of these dethatchers online.  If you decide not to shop in your area, it holds true for at least the Greenworks 27022 that it’s best priced at Amazon.

Same goes for the Sun Joe dethatcher- very good price on Amazon.

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  1. You mentioned it can scrape the top layer, but how deep can it go? The product description only mentions 3 positions for depth

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