Father’s Day Grilling Gifts for 2017


the genesis e-310 openWhile summer is just around the corner, the number of grills in ads are plentiful, quite timely as Father’s Day is in eyesight.

For the most part, all one has to do to please their father is treat them to a home barbecue or picnic in celebration of their once-a-year day. I just envy those dads this June 19th who’ll pack up their portable hibachi, head to a park with their grandchildren in the backseat, get there and unpack, where the wife barbecues and the father making sure those side dishes are cooked. Wait, that’s backwards!

Hopefully, the lasting memory you’ll take from that scene is not the detour to Dairy Queen going home, but the grilling experience you shared with your father.

You can go to the store right now (or online) and get one of those charcoal grills called the Weber One-Touch for $99 at Home Depot or take the route to Ace Hardware where a Weber Spirit is $399, or be ballsy and bring $700 for a Weber Genesis ($749 if you really like your Genesis grills), or if you’re really courageous- truck home a stainless steel Weber Summit (oh, how easy it is giving up $2,500).

Better yet, set him up with an inexpensive grilling rig for not even $600 with the Weber Performer as the base.

Your Father’s Already a Proud Owner of a Grill?

Get him Some Grass-Fed Meat

Check the sale items at grasslandbeef.com.  I’ve ordered from those guys a handful of times, and I’ve gotten quality 100% grass-fed lamb, beef, duck fat, tallow, yet there’s so much more I’d like to try.  Here’s one of the shipments I received from them:


Here’s my experience ordering from that site: Review of US Wellness Meats

Figure out if he has a reliable thermometer to see how done the chicken or meat is. Some really good thermometers are out there solely for the grill. One of those bluetooth Maverick thermometers is definitely a Father’s day splurge.  Funny how one doesn’t even have a simple thermometer probe on hand in case the battery in their main set of thermometers starts acting up. Don’t be relying on the thermometer found on the upper most point of the grill. It won’t read out the temperature of what’s being grilled.

Other Grilling Accessories for Father’s Day

2.) Grilling Tongs

I’ve written a long piece about this here, (spoiler alert- the Oxo Good Grips gets the go-ahead).

As far as grill cleaning goes, before you start ‘er up, always get it cleaned. Just a while back there was an episode on Dr. Oz about getting your grate cleaned, not after grilling, but before. He claimed the bits of burnt pieces were… you guessed it, carcinogenic.

3.) Automated Grate Cleaner

Recently hitting the market, there’s a grate cleaner that’s operated by battery, so your father won’t have to worry about any clean-up business.  Hear of one of those Grillbot gadgets? (Plus two other nifty BBQ gadgets reviewed).

grillbot cleaner

But, your good ole’ grill wired brush will almost always work better.

As soon as you’re done cooking, take some time with your grill and clean it before the grates cool down, otherwise they’re harder to clean. After the temperature of your grill comes up, those grates will need to be cleaned before any food is placed on them (see first that there’s an adequate Fahrenheit reading or there’ll be a tendency for your meats to stick). Ensure the bristles in your wire brush are well intact and that it’s not in poor shape. Food has been eaten by people containing wire bristle bits who ended up getting quite ill.

When you’re barbecuing, patience is key. Poking and turning those steaks will end up drying them out because of the juices flowing out. If the temperature of your grill is properly set, you shouldn’t have a problem properly cooking your food (no burning!) and with minimal touching and turning.

And as my dad would say on those early morning deer hunts- safety first!


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