Fiskars 9301- A Fiskars Tree Pruner Review



This is a long 14 foot tree pruner that is well featured but is a bit on the heavier end at around 5 pounds.  It reaches much higher in comparison to other pruners, but depending on how light you are, you may feel the extra weight when it’s fully extended, particularly when the saw is fitted.

With most tools there’s a learning curve, and the pulley system of the Fiskars 9301 pruner is quick enough to figure out, or at least should be.  You’d expect a pole made of aluminum to be more flimsy, but fiberglass makes this pole firm and flexible when working the saw.

Fiskars suggests to cut at most a 1 and 1/8 inch diameter capacity, although realistically some use it for 3-5 inch diameters.




  • Very sharp saw that comes with the pruner
  • A rigid extension shaft lock
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Watch out for the pull cord getting caught on the lever or getting in the way of tree limbs (no channel on the pole for the string to guide up through)
  • More in weight due to its length (bit more to control when extended)
  • The pole isn’t foldable


Fiskars 9301 Pruner…So?

So, take it slow to begin, find your groove with the push and pull motion, and take some time in getting used to the nature of the lopper, or rather the tree pruner, especially if you’ve never used one before.  The 14 feet when telescoped and the 15″ saw together can get weighty, but shouldn’t take away from the overall utility.

The Best Price?

Usually these can be found between $55 to $68, but the cheapest is almost always the price at


-A capacity for a 1-1/8-inch pruner cut
-15-inch blade saw
-Reaches to a maximum 14 feet
-Makes use of Power-Lever technology
-The Woodzig saw blade is corrosion-resistant, with a coating that makes it non-stick
-Fiberglass pole
-An extendable pole lock termed “Quick Release”

What do you think of a longer ended pruner like the Fiskars 9301?  What kind of pruning tool do you currently have, or maybe you already have a Fiskars tree pruner setup?  Let us know in the comments below!

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