Garden Tractor: How to Put Your Name on It


If you’re thinking about buying a garden tractor, don’t just go and splurge on the first model you fancy.  For a smart, custom purchase you will need to identify the best features that accommodate your specific needs. For this, you have to investigate into the subject of tractor elements, like the drive line and sturdiness, among others.

The offer of tractors and related gear is getting richer and more diverse every year. The machines used to mow, plow or till the ground now come in numerous models and sizes. Join us for a wild ride through the aspects of this handy machine on which we will try to help you make an intelligent choice (that has your name on it).

The choice of size and horsepower

What most people advise is to pay careful attention to the size of your new machine. Avoid making it too small and under-powered as its strength needs to be distributed to more components than a simple lawnmower.

Smaller models with less power can have infamous bad traction. Some tire chains and wheel weight may help, but the trouble of taking it on and off is just time consuming if you’re doing a lot of work. There’s nothing like solid chassis and superior power potential for serious gardeners. Recommended class is packing between 14 and 20 horsepowerPoulan Pro’s lawn tractors usually go beyond 20HP if you need that extra umph.

Lastly, the speed of tractor has to be taken into consideration, particularly for the belt and gear-driven types. The tools that get in touch with the ground take time to do the work. For the garden actions the necessary speed potential is up to 1 miles/hour. Tractors with lowest speed of 3 miles/hour are mostly designed for lawn mowing, and no other garden works.

Replacements parts and extensions

When it comes to tractor extensions, the question of easy and fast replacement is naturally very important. For the standard farming tractor, a three-point linkage enables the shift between the attachments in a relatively quick sequence. That would make around 2 minutes to connect the plow or 5-10 to attach a massive rotavator.

The aspect of switching is sadly still somewhat undeveloped as only a few models on the market deliver some sound reasoning in construction of their products. If you’re not too inclined to buy a new machine, checking out machinery auctions can provide you with a fine selection of tractors and an opportunity to hear tips from the experienced users. For example, some manufacturers have power take-offs located on strategic points instead of belts, or front-mount detachable mower for a swift setup. Ask the boys at the auction about such special characteristics.  Otherwise if you know of the kid of tractor you have in mind, or even narrowed it down to a few specific brands, Amazon is probably carrying the one you’re looking for.


Should you go for a gear, belt or hydrostatic drive? The opinions are divided on the subject. The industry seems to slightly favour the hydrostatic kind of transmission. They present two special features: the user can exploit the wide speed range (up to 9mph) and the hydraulic liquid that protects the mechanism in case of a hit or engine exhaustion. Gear drive system is, however, great with transmission of engine power, topping the other two. Take the time to research and decide which characteristics fit the best for you.

Sturdiness and storage

These are some of the points to think about when durability is the matter:

  1. Solidly built
  2. Sturdiness of separate units
  3. Adequacy of grease fittings
  4. Engine accessibility
  5. Vicinity of wires to the back of control panel

The more questions you pose, the more of an informed choice you’ll make.

If you have only now come to realize that you’d also need proper storage, it’s a good time to start with the calculations. The weather can be a major problem, so opt for fully covered shelters.

The offer is vast, but with good advice from experienced people, you can’t go wrong. The choice according to your preferences is then up to you to make.

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