Gardena 8803 vs Gardena 8801 vs Gardena 8893

Gardena 8803 vs Gardena 8801 vs Gardena 8893


(OutdoorGardenLiving)- These units are 3-4x the cost of their Black & Decker and Sun Joe competitors, but because of their long run time they’re now more of a gardeners/homeowners first choice to take out what the lawn mower left behind.

Since 2007, Gardena has been part of Husqvarna, so essentially they took their knowledge of chain saws and lawn mowers and crossed it over to grass shears.

The Gardena 8893 is usually the pricier of the three, followed by the 8803 and lastly the 8801, although there is very little difference between the 8803 and the 8893-U price wise.  All are set up with:

-a 3-inch cut, a lithium ion battery, and cordless


The 8893 requires two lithium ion batteries, it’s estimated with a 90 minute run time when the battery is fully charged, which is unlikely with a 8801 or 8803 shears, who both operate on a single lithium battery.

ComfortCut” or the “ClassicCut

The 8801 is the only “ClassicCut” style (the cheapest of the three).  This probably has something to do with how the handle fully connects on the body of the ComfortCut shears.  What’s pictured below is the 8801 shears and you can tell how the handle doesn’t fully connect to the body.


The 8893-U has a LED display to indicate the status of the battery charge.  The other two don’t have this feature.  It weighs about 1.2 pounds more than the Gardena 8803, so if weight is an issue then the 8803 is best.

Nothing is specifically overly wrong with them either.  The biggest flaw is probably an aspect of their design- the port that’s situated under the handle.  Kind of an awkward placement to plug in the charger, especially with gloves on.

How Much Should You Pay for these Shears?

The price of these shears has remained consistent for just about every garden tool retailer online. I regularly check prices and have always found the best price at Amazon.

However, these are popular Gardena models so if you see it in stock on Amazon and at a good price it is worth grabbing.


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