Gardena 8893 Review- 3-inch, Cordless Grass Shears


Gardena 8893- Overall

The Gardena 8893 has the the most features of any Gardena shears, but for a grass shears it’s relatively expensive due to the longer running time (90 minutes- more than lesser shears by Gardena) and an LED battery display feature lacking in the Gardena 8801 and 8803.

Emphasis is placed on the “Comfortcut” style, and that likely isn’t just marketing hype, but a term referring to the ergonomic handle.

If the battery can last more than a couple years it’ll be a solid investment.


  • Useful attachments/optional accessories (the Accu grass shears can all be fitted with Gardena’s telescopic swivel handle– upright cutting)
  • Maneuverable
  • A battery-level light that turns green, indicating when it’s good to go (yellow if low, red if dead)
  • Adjustable angle between handle and blade

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  • Awkward placement of the port/socket under the handle when plugging the cord in and out to recharge
  • Extended recharge time (6 hours)
  • Battery is built in making for tricky replacement/removal

I will recommend this one or another by Gardena before recommending say, a Black & Decker, because this is a real power shear, and are only going to get more popular. I only hope that Husqvarna stays with these guys for a while, as the engineering in these shears is quality.

They typically range between $120-$200, but usually sells at Amazon for the best price.

Find the discount for the Gardena 8893 here.

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