George Foreman GR0040B Grill Review- Why so Cheap?


Login to your favorite online shopping portal and you’ll find tons of George Foreman products to choose from- whether it comes to his Evolve grill pushing $100 or the simpler Classic Plate (2-serving) grill not even $20 . So what is it that sets the George Foreman GR0040B grill apart from the rest? Keep on reading!

For features, it has a cool to touch handle, tough non-stick cooking surface, unique fat removing design, power indication light, quick heating, and it works for a long time.

What’s So Great About the 2-serving George Foreman GR0040B Classic Plate Grill?

tilapia cooking in george foreman grill

The George Foreman GR0040B comes loaded with a variety of features and functionalities.

5.) I like that it’s design is smart. The first aspect that comes to notice is the appearance, and that’s where this grill stands out- it has a stylish design and looks smart on your kitchen counter-top. What’s more, it’s also pretty handy- so you can take it along with you for short trips.

george foreman gr0040b grill

4.) Cooking is not unhealthy, but good for you (possible contradiction to this listed below). If you’re health conscious like me and like your home cooked meals to have little or no oil, and at the same time, be tasty and yummy to eat, this grill is a nice choice. You can cook nutritious and healthy meals quickly and without a lot of effort.

3.) Worth the Money. Costing roughly this much, this 2-serving grill is one of the most affordable pieces in George Foreman’s line of grills.  It’s classy, it packs in powerful features that are designed to make the cooking process simpler and easier for you, and best of all- it’s extremely easy to clean, too!

2.) Simple Controls. The simplicity of this device is what won many hearts- you won’t find any complicated controls that are difficult to understand and use- simply place your meat or veggies on the grill, turn it on, and wait for it to cook.

1.) I like that it’s easy to clean. One of the best features of most George Foreman grills, including this one is the fact that they are extremely easy to clean. All you need to do is to cook your meal, allow the temperature of the device to go down and use a soft sponge with some soap and water to clean the internal and external parts of the unit.

What’s Not So Great About The George Foreman GR0040B?

While the George Foreman GR0040B grill is an impressive device, it does come with a few shortcomings.

Heating up of Device: The device does come with a cool to touch handle to make its use easier, the overall device tends to heat up quickly.

Smoke Issues: If you tend to be irritated by the smokiness of a barbecue grill, you may find it a bit problematic to use this device in your kitchen. Cooking some meats can let out a lot of smoke- so you’ll need to place the device near a window if you’re concerned by it.

Unreliable Coating: While the grill does promise to having a strong non-stick coating, a simple error of scrubbing the device using a hard sponge can cause the Teflon coating to wear off. The result- you’ll need to use a little more oil while cooking your food because it isn’t non-stick anymore.

Lid Trouble: Another common trouble some customers faced with the grill was that the grill is so light that it slides over when you try to open the lid and get your food out. One may need to wear oven mitts to make sure they don’t get burned while using the device.

Is The George Foreman Classic Plate Grill a Good Purchase?

Complete with a patented slope that allows drainage of fat as you cook your meats, this grill is a good choice for weight watchers who would want to enjoy some ‘healthier’ versions of fast foods. This grill is also perfect for those who have younger children who are fussy eaters- you can replicate some common fast food dishes in the comfort of your home.

All in all, the George Foreman GR0040B is undoubtedly a good buy.


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