Grass-friendly Solutions for Cleaning Garden Paths


Having a concrete path in your garden is quite important for several reasons. First of all, this contrast between the grayness of concrete and vividness of green garden grass is quite appealing to the eye.

Second, having a garden path is essential once the rainy seasons commence because otherwise, any kind of transport would be extremely difficult. Still, a proper path requires maintenance and this can sometimes be quite tricky.

Keeping Your Grass Safe

Although the choice of the right shrubs and plants can be a determining factor when your garden’s beauty is in question, the most dominant aspect of it will always be the grass. Because of this, the health of the grass in your garden should always be paramount. Unfortunately, it is exactly this that some path cleaning products can endanger, so it is imperative that you find a truly grass-friendly solution. Here are some tips to help you in the process.

Traditional Approach

There are some “purely mechanical” ways of garden pavement maintenance that are completely safe and simply cannot fail. Still, first you will have to equip yourself properly. Get yourself a quality broom. Cleaning your garden path with broom is a completely safe solution that can help keep it clean and not endanger your garden in any way. A genuine win-win scenario if there ever was one.  The best broom overall in RealSimple’s list was the Casabella Swivel-it Broom, found here at Amazon.comhome-169540_640

Unfortunately, there are some persistent “muddy” problems, which your broom just can’t solve on its own. This is why you should also use a hose. Get yourself the right garden hose and nozzles. By just using the broom and hose you will be able to solve most of the problems your garden path could ever encounter. Add a leaf-blower to the mix and you will have most of this covered.  Click here for a list of the best rated garden hoses.

Taking It to the Next Level

When it comes to keeping your garden path presentable it is true that for most, probably, a garden hose and broom will suffice. However, if you want to make it spotless and so clean that you could eat off it, you will need a bigger gun. The best solution here is probably a steam cleaner.  You can even use a commercial device (recently I tried Steam Australia industrial steam cleaner and was more than satisfied with the results). Another plus side is that this machine (although merciless towards the dirt) is completely harmless for the rest of your garden, which is all that matters.


pathway-286368_640Now that you have all of this your best course of action would be the following.  Use the leaf blower to clean the path from the medium debris (larger ones you could even remove by hand).  After this, use your hose to clean all that can be removed this way.

You can achieve some results by using nothing but water.  Still some people prefer using a detergent and water solution. There is nothing wrong with this, just make sure that the detergent you are using is eco-friendly and in no way harming the rest of your garden. In the end, employ your steam cleaner and your garden path will be so clean as to please even the most hardcore OCD people.

Keeping your garden as clean as possible is important, this much is true, but you should never endanger the rest of your garden to keep it clean. Still, by taking just the few steps of percussion you can both keep it clean and keep your garden safe. As you can see, with just the right amount of will and determination, keeping your garden clean and chemical-free is not an impossible task.

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