Greenworks 25052 Review


(OutdoorGardenLiving)- Among the 50 product reviews submitted by owners of the manual push mower by Greenworks- I’ve found a consistent theme – great mower for small yards with a few caveats. I’ll point out the features and some of those caveats below.

For starters, those with smaller yards will find this manual 5-blade push reel mower from Greenworks to be an easy-to-use (and lighter) alternative to the heavier gas and electric mowers.

The Greenworks 25052 is perfect for those who really have no desire to push a 70lb electric lawnmower around the yard all day.  Its simple design and light weight make it a refreshing change.  It’s also far easier to store than its larger gas-powered cousins.


Available at most places for under a hundred bucks.  I like this price here.

This Greenworks 25052 manual push mower features an adjustable height of 1-inch up to 2-1/8 inches, allowing you to easily select your preferred lawn height.  With 10-inch front wheels and a 2-inch rear roller, this is one of the more maneuverable mowers available.


For smaller yards, it’s a treat.  I wouldn’t try mowing 3 acres with it though because it’s really designed specifically for smaller yards.  One other thing to note is that the Greenworks 25052 push mower, like many other manual reel mowers, doesn’t appear to handle very tall grass all too well.  As such, don’t let your grass become overgrown.  Trying to mow a 4” lawn with this is going to be problematic in most cases.

-Doesn’t handle thicker stick or twigs well.  Now, in fairness, neither do most other push reel mowers.  That said, just make sure you give your lawn a quick walk-through before getting started and clear any thick branches or twigs that may be lying around.  Remember, we aren’t dealing with a powerful gas mower that can eat up things like that.

One issue that did stand out was the fact that the rear-attached bag on the Greenworks 25052 doesn’t seem to want to stay attached.  Several reviews mentioned this so it seems pretty accurate.  As such, I recommend leaving it off and simply using the mulching option when mowing your lawn with the Greenworks 25052.  If you prefer to bag your clippings, this push mower is probably not the best option.


All things considered, the Greenworks 25052 manual walk-behind push reel mower is a decent pickup if you need something that can handle a smaller yard at an inexpensive price.  Despite the shortcomings of the rear-attached bag, most owners are happy with their purchase.

Other Push Reel Lawn Mowers to Consider

The Great States 415-16 has a more flexible range in height adjustment than the 25052 (half an inch up to 2 3/4 inch in adjustment compared to the max height of 1.125 in with the Greenworks.)  It’s cutting width is also 16-inches, although it’s a bit more in price and it’s without a “grass catcher”.

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