Greenworks 25092 Review- An Inexpensive, Self-Propelled Mower in 2016


First, its likely the cheapest self-propelled electric, cordless mower on the market and expectations should be based on that.

Optimal Uses

Small surface area on a flat terrain.


-The concept of this mower is simplistic- a design that was well thought out.

-A 4 year warranty.  Eight of the top Worx mowers, for example, are all labeled with a 2 year warranty.greenworks 25092

-It’s quiet, the height is easy to adjust, gas is a non-factor, easy maneuverability, and the bag is easy to attach and remove.


Rear wheel drive can be awkward at first.  You wouldn’t have to anticipate the turns as much if they added “crazy wheels”  in the front to make turning corners easy.

As it doesn’t have the feature of variable speeds, it would have been really nice if it was equipped with something to better control the self-propelled mechanism, then the mower speed would adjust itself to the pace you walk with it.

Another characteristic problem is the speed of the self-propelled mode. It’s too fast for thick grass.  -If this would become an issue, the bail can be let up on to adjust the drive system of the mower to a slower pace.

In a another review I looked at the Earthwise 60318.  Considering its features, it’s very similar to the Greenworks 25092, but it also can discharge, compared to the 2-in-1 capability of the Greenworks (mulch and rear bag collection).

My Conclusion

If it went a little slower and could handle thicker grass, it’d be just about right.  No hard starts and a garage free of gas pollution are probably its BEST FEATURES.  In 2015, the technology of cordless units is most definitely here.

Considering its price, Amazon seems to be the most competitive, so I would look for the 25092 at Amazon first.

Video Demo:

Other Self-Propelled, Electric Mowers to Consider

If your skeptical about this mower finishing the job in one go, I would check out the Worx WG789 as it has 12 more volts of battery (cuts approximately 1,600 square feet more on a charge), and it also has the addition of a PaceSetter, which adjusts the speed of the mower to your pace (something that the Greenworks 25092 certainly lacks).

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