Hints on Creating a Wood Pallet Garden


It seems that in modern times there is no place or time for gardening, especially if you are living in an urban area. If you have a green thumb, there is still a way you can fulfill your dreams of growing your own food or decorative plants. To get the most out of the space you have on your disposal, you can make your own garden with wood pallets. With minimum space required and just a bit of effort, you’ll have great results and lovely green area in your very own balcony/backyard. It may seem as a complicated task for you from this point of view, but it’s not. We’ll try to guide you through all the things that need to be done.  You’ll see just how simple it is.

Choosing the Pallets

Pallets are made in different sizes and dimensions, but not all of them are the same. You can purchase them in any DIY store, or you can take them free of charge in supermarkets. When taking pallets from supermarkets, make sure you inspect their quality and condition. Check how firm they are, are they rotten and are there any nails remaining. If they are used for transport of dangerous chemicals, you should avoid taking them.7017099421_abd5abf1fa_z

Needed Equipment

Pallets, of course aren’t enough to make your garden grow. Depending on the number of pallets and plants, you’ll need one or two bags of potting soil, some landscape fabric and seeds of the plants you are intending to grow. Planting and gardening tools are also necessary for everything to function well. Don’t start this endeavor without scissors, soil knife, a dibber, a trowel, a dibber, etc.

Preparing the Structure

It is necessary to adequately prepare the pallets for use. Check once more for loose nails and remove them. Apply sandpaper to the damaged parts of wood until they become completely smooth. If your pallets don’t have HT (heat-treated) stamped on them, then you should clean them well, before using them. Great thing about pallets is that they come in various shapes, dimensions and from different kinds of wood, which makes them suitable for the widest range of plants, we learn from Perth-based suppliers of packaging supplies.

Planting Considerations

As we’ve already mentioned, because of their diversity pallets are convenient for various plants. Still, some grow better than others. 6870993488_2398689276_zRoot vegetables, for instance, have trouble with growing in limited space, while vertical growth plants are great space savers and give ideal results.

Plantings that extent growth in seasons to come are great for pallets because you can reuse them. Think about how you will protect your plantings from pests, because they tend to attack small spaces, such as your garden.

Planting Process

After you’ve prepared everything and considered your options, it’s time for actual planting to happen. Pour the potting soil in the pallet openings and make small trenches for inserting plants (6 or 8 in every trench). After the planting, make a watering and maintenance schedule for the seeds and stick to it. You can leave your garden as it is, horizontal, or lift the plants up against the walls. Vertical gardening is a lovely way to add liveliness to the otherwise urban and grey area.


Creating your own wood pallet garden is an easy task compared to what you’ll be awarded with. Don’t be afraid to invest some effort in making your home greener, more fragrant and tastier. Besides being a great hobby, gardening is the fulfillment of mankind’s everlasting tendency, producing your own food. Give it a try!

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