Summer is fast approaching, and this is the time of the year where we get to celebrate time with family outside.

The best way to enjoy the warm heat of the sun is by doing outdoor activities with family and friends, especially with kids. This is the perfect weather condition to take out our BBQ grills and other outdoor utensils for a great picnic adventure or setting up a BBQ party.

The most common food brought in or prepared during an outdoor party are finger food. It requires fewer utensils to use and not too much mess. It is also pack-able and cheaper compared to other picnic food.

Even though the price of conducting a BBQ cookout is getting higher due to the costs of the utensils needed for this kind of activity, it seems that people continue to do this fun recreation activity to bond with family and friends. They often will find ways to lower their hosting costs (to keep the tradition and story of BBQ cookout culture going).

A food item that is carefully put into consideration when planning for a BBQ party is the sauce. Although everyone knows that grilling can make everything taste the same, people have tried to create the best BBQ sauce to make their lamb chops and steaks stand out and unique.

To create a tasty, succulent meal, one must create the perfect sauce to go along with a bare piece of meat. Everything can have its unique flavor if you know the secret of making the best BBQ sauce.

How to Choose the Best BBQ Sauce?

The best BBQ sauce means that it compliments the taste of your recipe. It can make meat taste as if a first class chef prepared it. The success of each meat served is dependent on the sauce served with it. A very salty (or hot) sauce can ruin the whole taste of the meat, so be careful in choosing a good BBQ sauce.

There are two options in getting a BBQ sauce. You can either create your recipe or get one from the grocery store.

There is BBQ sauce readily available in the market in different flavors that can suit your taste. Some people even do both; they get several ready-to-use sauces from the store and mix it together according to their preference and taste.

But if you are still not sure on how to select the best, following these tips might help:

  • Choose a BBQ brand sauce that is trusted and has proven to be one of the best in the BBQ sauce market.  Bill’s Best sauce on Amazon, for example, is a crowd pleaser!
  • Know your preferences. Know what kind of taste you’ll like in BBQ sauce. There is a lot of BBQ sauce available in the market, and they all vary in the level of taste.
  • Read the label. Frequently, ingredients and the level of taste were indicated on the label. The ingredients used in the sauce can give you an idea what it might taste like.
  • Check the BBQ sauce’s intended purpose. Some brands of BBQ sauce are suited for everything, but there are others that are made for a single purpose and not intended for others. Example: a BBQ sauce for fish sometimes cannot be used for beef or pork. Choose wisely. Know what type of meat you’ll serve in your cook out.
  • Always check the ingredients. Some BBQ sauce has an ingredient that might cause an allergic reaction to other people. Peanuts may be listed as an ingredient in BBQ sauce, or even an ingredient containing gluten (make sure the bottle says it’s “gluten free” somewhere if you’re sensitive to that).

Tips on Creating your Own BBQ Sauce

Creating your own BBQ sauce can be tricky, especially if you’re not familiar with how one ingredient can affect the taste of the other. But if you were able to do a perfect one, you have successfully created a unique flavor that might become a family secret recipe for years to come.

  • Stick to the basic ingredients of a BBQ sauce recipe such as ketchup; you can tweak the flavor later on after establishing the base taste flavor.
  • Don’t be afraid to be creative and experiment with the taste. Try to whip down ingredients you often use in cooking to enrich the flavor.
  • List down all the ingredients that you tossed in your sauce. This way, you have a note of all the ingredients that you used. If the sauce turned out to be bad, you can check on your notes what ingredient could have caused the bad taste or fail to compliment with another ingredient. But if it turned out to be a success, you can re-do what you did and maybe improve it a little more.
  • If you’re not a fan of improvisation, you can check online about readily available BBQ sauce recipes concocted by famous chefs and others.
  • Consider the taste preference of your family and friends. Your version of BBQ sauce can be tasteful to you but not to others. Let them help or ask what ingredient would they prefer to use or how they like their sauce to be.

There has been a long history of BBQ sauce

The taste and preparation of each recipe (historically) may vary base on the place and/or culture. Preservation of food prior to refrigeration led to the discovery that smoking the food can help preserve it. Marinating it in salt brought out a new taste leading to another great development of blending different spices to create more flavors.

Years passed, and people continue to experiment with different spices that will not only give food a unique taste, but an identity of its own. This propagated the creation of sauce in various levels of flavor and made for specific purposes.

Today, a new recipe for BBQ sauce is continuously being created and discovered by people who never get tired of looking for the perfect BBQ sauce to complement their choice of meat. But for some who just want the feeling of a lovely BBQ cookout weekend, it can’t be completed without their own version of a good ‘ole BBQ sauce recipe!

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