How to Choose the Best Lawn Mower


Most all of us know that grass doesn’t stop growing for the sake of eliminating one extra chore on our to-do list. It keeps growing, only exception being you’re in a climate cycle where the winter season is inevitable. Sometimes making due with a cheaper mower because your yard is overly due for a cut isn’t always the best idea.

A reliable, quality lawn mower will ensure you have a close cut lawn with plenty of power and years of life ahead- investing in a top notch mower now will save you the headache of having to break the bank later.

What features should it have?

A lawn mower should usually have a number of features that distinguishes it from others. For example, you may want a collection bag available to catch the mulch before it lands on your lawn.

Or maybe you would rather have an ‘electric start‘ switch built in to activate the blade instead of endlessly pulling a cord. More lawn mower brands today are going the self-propelled route in addition to having the automatic start-up standard. Traditionally lawn mowers were pushed manually with the mulch discharging out the side. These are still offered today as well as being highly valued among consumers.

Power source?

The one aspect of any lawn mower that should be consistently reliable is the power source. Four of the main choices to decide from are lawn mowers powered by a battery, gasoline, a cord connected from the mower to an outlet, or driven manually. By far the lawn mowers most in numbers today are gasoline driven.

Other factors aside, gasoline doesn’t fail to slow down a lawn mower when there’s still some left in the tank. Only downside using one of these is the fumes emitted, often harmful to the operator and the environment. Luckily government standards have been put in place to minimize the amount of carbon and other fumes emitted from a power tool such as walk-behind mowers.

For those who have their heart set on going the old-fashioned route, manual models are available. These create a pollution-free answer to a gasoline mower’s Achille’s heel. And, they’re quiet. Whatever which route you go when deciding on a specific power source, go with one that has consistent, high customer reviews.

Any brand recommendations?

Black & Decker usually takes the cake for cordless battery mowers with models such as the 36-volt CM1936 or the SPCM1936 of equal volts. Following their lead are brands like Worx with the WG775 model and Greenworks.

The Husqvarna brand is the way to go for mowers on gasoline. Their models 7021P and the 6021P consistently receive high marks. Lawn Boy is also another great option.

If corded electrics are more your cup of tea, then go with Greenworks or Black & Decker. That doesn’t mean you should shy away from Sun Joe, Earthwise, or Lawn Boy electric lawn mowers.

Finding the right price

Looking at Amazon will give you an idea that they almost always have the lowest prices for basically anything they’re selling, including lawn mowers. You might on a rare occasion snipe a better deal on an auction site like Ebay if you’re lucky, but for the sure bet Amazon will make out deals with the manufacturers to sell a bit lower than the actual manufacturer’s listing price.

For the person with a really tight budget, you’ll want to look at the manual, hand pushed lawn mowers with prices as low as 45 bucks. If money is not an object, look at prices reaching $1,200 or less where the gasoline cousins can sometimes be tagged at. Very rarely will any manufacturer price their mower at a steep price like that. Realistically the gasoline counterparts are set from $200-$400. Most lawn mowers of any breed for that matter are between $120 to $450.

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