How to Clean a Weber Gas Grill

grill from weber

Supplies needed:

  • Cleaning gloves
  • Grill brush
  • Soapy, warm water
  • Sponge
  • Non lint Terry cloth
  • Mild glass cleaner
  • Mild stainless steel cleaner
  • Paper towels
  • Scouring pad
  • Paint scraper

1)    First, make sure the grill is cool.  The grill exterior should be washed with soapy, warm water.  Rinse it off and wipe it down.  A mild stainless steel cleaner may be used for stainless steel parts.  Using a side-to-side motion, wipe with a non-lint cloth, wiping with the grain.

2)    After you’ve cleaned the exterior of the grill, open up the lid and clean the inside.  You might see some peeling going on when you first look in there.  It isn’t paint, which is the good news.  What you are noticing is a deposit of smoke and grease that collects from normal usage.  Although the deposits of carbon are non-toxic, you should regularly remove the buildup.   From the inside of the lid, brush the carbonized grease using a grill brush of stainless steel material.  Before rinsing, wash with warm, soapy water.

3)    Any discoloration you may see from the excess residue you’ll want to remove with a non-lint Terry cloth and some warm, soapy water.

4)    Now you’ll want to concentrate on the cooking grates and Flavorizer bars.  Using a stainless steel grill brush, brush the grates or bars, then wipe them clean with the warm, soapy water and a rag.

5)    The burner tubes are next to be cleaned.  While the grill is cool, take the Flavorizer bars and cooking grates out of the grill.  Each burner tube should be cleaned individually.  In an up-and-down motion, clean the ports with the grill brush.  Do not brush the ports lengthwise, as this will only push debrish from one hole to another.  For those who have a new Genesis grill, you’ll go left to right because the control knobs are located in the front.  If you have an older Genesis model or Spirit grill, you’ll clean with an up-and-down motion since the controls are on the right side.

6)    Now you’ll want to focus on the rest of the inside of your grill.  Some of you might have heat deflectors inside there.  In that case, just like cleaning the Flavorizer bars, you’ll want to follow the same procedure.  Any food particles or big pockets of grease accumulation you see inside the cook box will want to be taken out.

7)    Use a straight, flat-edged object or a putty knife to scrape the excess grease from the inside of the cook box into the bottom tray.

8)    From under the grill, remove the bottom tray and carefully position it in a trash can.  Scrape the inside of the tray with the putty knife.  Then with warm, soapy water clean the tray with a fine, steel wool pad.

9)    Dispose and remove of the dirty aluminum drip pan.

10)    Before rinsing, use soapy water to wash the catch pan.  Replace the drip pan with a new one.  Frequently change the aluminum catch pan liner.  Make sure to never line any foil with the bottom tray.

11)    When cleaning your grilling basket and warming racks, always use a fine scouring pad and soapy, warm water.  You don’t want to scratch the surface, so make sure to be careful!  Always dry and rinse thoroughly.

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