How to Create a Smart, Contemporary Garden Design


The idea of modern and contemporary gardens has rapidly spread among the masses. People are trying to create their little outdoor havens as an addition to their homes. The question is how is it possible to combine nature with modern design? The accent is fixated on implementing art, geometry and architecture in conventional fauna gardens. This is where nature meets industry.

So if you have ever wondered how to create a perfect harmony between conventional and contemporary, you are at the right place. Read these couple of tips and tricks we prepared for you on outdoor contemporary gardens.

Keep It Simple

Simplicity is one of the key elements when it comes to creating a conventional and modern garden. It is crucial that the elements you choose to implement in your space are simplistic and minimal. Try not to overcrowd and hoard the space. Keep in mind that less is more. Minimalistic designs are quite usual for these types of gardens. So make sure to use clean lines, geometrical shapes and minimum color. Repeating patterns and neutral colors go well in contemporary style. Hardwood floors with black and silver furnishing really add to the modern look you are trying to achieve.

Balance Is the Key

Creating a right balance between modern and conventional can be observed as a challenge. The trick is to know how to add the right amount of life in your modern garden. Conventional and modern gardens tend to use less plants and less color in their design. Keeping that in mind, make sure not to use many different types of plants. Also avoid too much color on your plants. Go for structural planting by using evergreen plants. In order to green up your garden even more, a good idea is to use grasses, as they are quite usual for modern garden designs.

Getting Things in Order

One of the main elements in contemporary gardens is symmetry, balance and well-organized space. For instance, modern garden design from Sydney sets a perfect example on how to combine certain elements in order to achieve this look. In order to organize your garden well and keep things in symmetry, it is quite important to have all the elements set on the right place and on an optimal distance.

If you wish to plant trees, make sure to plant them in a row with an acceptable distance between them to avoid making it look like it is overcrowding the space. When making pathways, make sure to choose one pattern and stick to it.

When it comes to furnishing, try to place it in a geometrical shape, like a square or rectangular manner.
Modern and stylish homes have become quite a trend in recent years. And as an addition to their contemporary homes, their garden should be decorated in the same manner. Creating a harmony between conventional and contemporary gives you an opportunity to express yourself.

One of the main elements in these designs is to create art in your backyard. That is why it is perfectly recommendable to experiment and let the artist in you do all the work. Observe your garden as a blank canvas that is waiting for its artist to add life to it. Do not be afraid to try new things and experiment with style.

Drew’s two cents: while an outdoor kitchen is too expensive for most, setting it up next to your garden of veggies will highlight the relationship between the two.  You harvest those root veggies or greens, and prepare them with your meat of choice, where they eventually meet the grill on its high temperature grates.  Something like the Weber Summit can be placed between a brick wall that forms part of the garden’s perimeter.  If you’re on a very limited budget, even a portable Weber grill like the Weber Q1200 can add a touch of modern geometry with functionality to reflect the reality of today’s grilling trends.

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