Investing in patio or decking may seem like an unnecessary investment at the time of designing a house or redecorating a newly-bought house, but it’s well worth the budget! Quite often overlooked as a key home improvement feature, patio and decking (when given the creative freedom and even just a small budget) can transform your garden into an outdoor oasis.

Often fetching a good Return on Investment, patio and decking within your outdoor area can provide additional living space for the whole family to enjoy and suit your individual or family lifestyle needs. From enjoying some ‘you time’ on a sunny summer morning and al fresco dining with family or friends, to keeping the kids entertained or turning your space into an Apres-ski-inspired resort with a luxury Jacuzzi, let your creativity blossom and get investing in some patio or decking. Let’s take a look at the benefits and differences between patio and decking.

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Investing In A Patio

Placed directly on the ground with concrete bases made out of stone, tile and other materials, patios are a great option for creating additional space to your outdoor living whilst fusing the natural and the man-made together.

Patios generally create a more rustic aesthetic in comparison to decking, as most patios are made out of natural stone. You don’t necessarily have to get too creative with the design structure of your patio either, as you can get really creative with the patio furniture, accessories and plants which you invest in. There’s also the option of adding cladding to your patio area which means adding fascia boards to your patio, similar to walls, and is a natural way of ensuring privacy without completely closing off the area.

Depending on the materials, patios usually require a bit more maintenance than say composite decking, as you will need to wash with a hose and sweep on a regular basis to keep it looking nice and well-maintained.

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Investing In Decking

Compared to patios, decking has a more contemporary and arguably more luxury appearance, with patios appearing more rustic. Made out of wood or vinyl and not placed directly on the ground, decking is great for bringing extra living space into your garden for your very own (or your family) outdoor oasis.

It’s important to think long term when putting together (or just thinking about) your decking plans, as decking can last for many years when maintained properly. Decking also comes in an array of different styles, materials and finishes, so it’s also important to think about what you’ll be using the decking for and who will be using it for the majority of the time.

With wood, sun, eco and synthetic decking options, decking requires little maintenance which is particularly evident with composite synthetic decking, as the tiles give you all the benefits of wood decking but designed with antifungal solutions.


Creating an outdoor oasis (in our opinion) is certainly an investment to be making! Whether you decide to opt for patio or decking for your outdoor space, getting outside and making the most of your very own haven is well worth making a budget for and is simply good for the soul! Both patio and decking features have different benefits and design appearances, just make sure you carry out your research before drafting up those plans.

Article written by 4Everdeck, a composite decking company with 13 years experience working with decking, cladding, railings and many more outdoor products.

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