Hydrofarm JSV4 T5 Review



[dropcap]H[/dropcap]ere’s a breakdown of what’s included with the Hydrofarm Grow Light System, specifically the JSV4 model:

It has a mechanism for height adjustment where you can raise or lower the fixture. The fluorescent fixture has a wide reflector listed as UL/CSA, with a T5 high output bulb. The grounded cord is 6 feet in length with an on/off switch.

The measurements mark out as 50×18.5×30 inches. A full 1-year warranty is included.

Observations made?

Great for getting a jump start on planting. This grow light is easy to put together and gets the seedlings to thrive. You’ll find a great difference in sustaining the type of plants bred for colder conditions with its combination of the heating mat and thermostat.

I enjoy the ability to raise the light fixture as the seedlings get taller.

The Hydrofarm T5 fluorescent bulb makes up the light giving correct color spectrum for plant growth. I live in Minnesota so starting plants outside early or even inside early isn’t an option without a light system..

The light is able to cover four feet worth of seedlings because of its size. If you need to start a lot of seeds this is going to help slowly but surely get things going and keep them growing until you want to move them outside into a greenhouse or when Spring first hits.

If you’re looking for the price of a Hydrofarm JSV4 you can find the current price herehydrofarm t5

Very functional, and simple to adjust the height of the light. It’s easy to put together with a final structure that’s pretty sturdy.

Raising and lowering the light keeps the seedlings from spindling, and is one of the better abilities of the Hydrofarm JSV4.

No trouble to assemble.

Bright light, sits on table with ease.

One person who owned this mentioned he’s been using this for 4 years, running 17 hours a day for 3 months at a time, and the original bulb still hadn’t blown!


One flaw with this grow light system is: it could be more sturdy mostly because it only has one light. The new plants tend to lean towards one side following the light. Two or three bulbs would eliminate this problem.

If I could change one thing it would be the size of the reflector.

The stand, while easy to assemble direction-wise, is a bit cheaply constructed.

Some “Secret” Tips

There are so many better ways to attach the legs to the frame so rigging up your own might be better…

Use the stand to hang other lights! Use it to start some cabbage, broccoli, or tomatoes!

For more money you can get a better seed starting light set up but if you just want something quick and easy to set up this does the trick.

I suggest checking out this page on Amazon for others reviews, but this should help you see it’s a solid choice in the category of growing light fixtures.

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