Karcher K 2.350 Review


For those of us who like the amount of PSIs and roundabout features in their pressure washer, this Karcher K 2.350 is an attractive option. It can be used for spraying dirt and mud off of sidewalks, driveways, patios and your deck.

Parts of the K 2.350

A high pressure outlet, on/off switch, hose/cord hook, handle, spray wand storage, water inlet, garden hose connector, detergent suction tube, power cord, wheels, trigger gun, safety lock for the trigger gun, a high pressure hose, Dirtblaster, and the Vario power spray wand

What I Like

The trigger gun has a total stop function which means the moment you stop spraying the motor will shut off.

The Karcher is much lighter in weight compared to other comparable models at 14 pounds.

The vario power spray can be attached to clean at a less intense cleaning. It allows you to position the pressure setting to ‘max’ or ‘min’ for more versatile options. And if you want to mix detergent with the water, it can be positioned to ‘mix’ (or low pressure setting).

For more intense pressure, the DirtBlaster spray wand can be attached to handle the dirtier, or more stubborn jobs. With this nozzle you are able to rotate 360 degrees. This wand however, isn’t recommended for softer materials or delicate materials like painted walls as the Dirtblaster has a lot of power.

What I Don’t Like

The Karcher K 2.350 hasn’t been on the market long enough to receive more comprehensive reviews among the consumers who’ve made the purchase.

Overall, as a compact and quiet pressure washer- despite the lack of reviews on this newer Karcher- it receives my go ahead. I’ve seen this sell upwards to $300 on some online sites; Amazon offers a lower price on it.

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