6 Hacks to Keeping Your Garden Free from Uninvited Guests

Maintaining a garden is equally enjoyable as it can be a demanding endeavour. Much like in other spheres of life, reaping the benefits from your work never comes so easy. It takes lots of time and patience with numerous details that affect both the momentary status and future success of the garden.


More often than not, wild or domestic animals intrude our territory and it frequently becomes so frustrating that legitimate actions have to be undertaken. Check out our hacks below.

1.) Necessary fence

Erecting a fence is the most efficient way of preventing bigger animals to roam our property. Some may debate about it with the matter of garden appearance posing a problem. Surely they have not had their garden ruined by deer or rabbits. For such cases you would want to defend it properly but in a most gentle way for the wildlife, and fences are just the solution.

The height of the fence should be not less than 8ft since deer can jump quite high. For some smaller trespassers, you need to make the structure thickly woven if your neighborhood had sightings of foxes or rabbits, for example.

2.) Annoying birds

Stopping ground-level visitors is one thing, but how do we chase away the aerial raiders? Firstly, let’s be real about it: only a roof can thoroughly evict all the army of avian invaders. On the other hand, we also need these same birds as they feed on numerous obnoxious pests and insects that attack our beloved garden. Here are some effective methods to try out: nets, scaring them with balloons, owl or cat replicas or just classic scarecrows.

3.) Natural repellents

If the front lines of protection have seen their fall, don’t despair and consider exploiting some of the natural repelling elements. For instance, garlic plants are immensely useful in maintaining the squirrels far from your magnolias and other flowers and herbs.

Secondly, utilise a spray, which is basically a mix of pepper and water. Then spray the garden. The concoction is proven and effective for modestly sized animals like rodents and hares. Lastly, ants and other insects are susceptible to plain table salt (worth trying out).

4.) Know thy enemy

To know how to battle them, you have to be sure what animals are frequenting your garden. Daytime visitors are not much of a challenge to recognize.  Nocturnal invaders, on the other hand, are tough to pin down. The beauty of technology comes to our rescue here.  Particularly, one of those sophisticated primo cameras with infrared mode is exactly what you need in this situation. Time to finally bust the pesky offenders in the deed.

stealth cam g42 camera

The Steal Cam G42 is one of the most popular choices.

5.) Different kind of natural approach

If you own a dog or a cat, or ideally both, you already have a powerful weapon against some garden squatters. Since dogs are mostly active throughout the day, and cats are night hunters, this seems like a perfect combination. They are not just a source of infinite joy for the whole family, they are superb round-the-clock guards as well. Only, you would have to take some time and teach them not to damage the garden by digging, or the grand project would fail miserably.

6.) Cats and vegetable beds

On the other hand, if cats are the villains in the story, here’s a tip that may be of use to you. My father plants the onions and carrots every year in our backyard. The soil tends to get dry and finely ground, so cats are insanely attracted to it. We have often found them slumbering there or their traces in the messed up dirt and scattered seeds. Since we love our onions dearly, my father came up with the idea to spread the branches he trimmed off recently from the apple trees at the other side of our house. No longer comfy for kitties, so we keep it until the sprouts are up and strong.

As you have noticed so far, the eviction of wild and domestic animals from our gardens is demanding and comprehensive enterprise that can truly exhaust our patience and strength. Nonetheless, banishing a variety of animals precisely demands such battle plan.  And, only an all-around approach can yield all-embracing results.

Source #1: Don Graham of Flickr

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