Landscaping Your Summer Garden


the garden landscapeWhen planning and planting a garden for the summer there are more than a few things that should be looked over. For starters- the natural landscape.

Then there’s the garden area in general, as well as the terrain of the lawn. Rather than working against the landscape, it is best to work with it, whenever possible.  The landscape is usually better left in its natural form, rather than making great efforts to change it. As a better option, plan for your summer garden to go with the flow of the lawn’s natural terrain and for the garden area to work just as well with it.

Surveying the Lawn

That flow you’re going for can be accomplished by first giving the lawn a quick survey. Give it a good glance versus a  cursory visual survey. You will need to walk the area of your lawn in the space approximate to the garden you’re planning on. Any inclines and slopes should be regarded, and measurements of the terrain.

Because the condition of the soil is likely to be unwelcoming in areas for your plants to acclimate to, you’ll also want to monitor the soil and it’s condition.  Some areas will be inhospitable for plant growth. If your garden has less-than-suitable areas like this present, you’ll need to decide on their next course of action. Bare patches are usually an eyesore in the midst of vegetables, flowers and plants.  Instead, you can turn them into a water feature or some other addition which invites aesthetic appeal.

Creating Enough Shade- Naturally or Artificially

How much shade does a particular area get?  If direct sunlight is making its way on any flowers, vegetables or plants, then shade should be allowed in or created in a way for those that thrive best in indirect sunlight. Using the height of shrubs or other nearby plants can accomplish this by creatively planting them in their shadow, or using rocks to provide cover from the sun.  Even a fence or trellis with climbing vines can be an advantage for artificial shade.

Color Scheme and Plant Type

You will later need to plan for the flowers and plants you’re going to use once you have a good feel for the garden’s landscape and terrain.  The aesthetic of vegetable gardens in nature tend to be less appealing, but landscaping them is often easiest of the two, since their need is more priority than the beauty.

However, if you’re planting the garden with more flowers, then beauty to a degree is what you’re likely going for.  Do you envision the garden with a certain color scheme?  While this is a personal decision, some go for the combination of dramatic greens and blues with vivid and bright yellows and reds as one of many different possibilities. When the garden is finally flourishing you’ll find the color scheme makes a huge landscape arrangement

Devoting Gardening Time

The garden should also be landscaped based on the time devoted and effort put into gardening day to day.  More care is required for some plants than others. If you want a low maintenance garden, then you’ll need to fill it with plants and flowers that set it up for mostly sow and go. Most vegetable gardens are limiting in this aspect because for them to flourish, they need to be frequently tended to.

Professional Up-Keeping

If doing the landscaping yourself isn’t your first choice, or you’re at a complete loss as to where to start in the landscaping process, then hiring a team of professionals might be worth it.  They do the landscaping for you,  and they usually upkeep the landscaping, but make sure they have a maintenance program when you inquire their services.  They might also have a low maintenance solution for you to be able to duplicate and maintain the landscaping on your own.

Setting up the landscape of a garden is the highlight for many gardeners in the summer of season growing. For those that don’t fit into this category, then the tips and recommendations provided here should lay out enough groundwork for you to work your way around landscaping a garden bed, and getting them ready to grow.

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